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Below, you will find:

  1. A table of contents for Lionel Deimel’s Farrago, showing pages and structure of the site.
  2. An annotated table of contents for Lionel Deimel’s Web Log.

Recent Changes

A new poem, Ginkgo Biloba, was added 12/5/2023.

I added a new theorem about PPDIs in Digital Invariants: Additional Results, 10/14/2023.

A Trump Alphabet, an incomplete poem cycle was added 10/4/2023.

I added audio of my first attempt to write a tune for my hymn Holy Eucharist, 9/27/2023.

Positions on the Election of V. Gene Robinson has been thoroughly revised to update links, 9/16/2023.

I added my automata theory dissertation in Computer Science, 9/13/2023.

My discussion of digital invariants was revised on 9/11/2023.

Collects for Various Situations was added in Church Resources 8/28/2023.

Thoughts on Independence Day, 2023, was added in Commentary 7/4/2023

Added Welcome to My Church (introduction), which links to ads placed by Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh. 8/25/2023.

Tweaking the Electoral College was added in Commentary 8/20/2023.

I changed one line of the poem Musashi's Odyssey on 8/8/2023.

The commentary on the poem 2001 was expanded on 7/28/2023.

 Cataract Surgery, a personal account of the procedure is new in Commentary 7/4/2023.


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Web Log

Posts are archived individually as well as by month, which makes it easier to find a particular one. Posts are listed and categorized below. They can also be searched from the Search page or from the search bar at the top of any page of the blog itself. The table below lists all posts, in chronological order. Summaries in red are general commentaries; summaries in green are about language; summaries in purple are usually about the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. (They may occasionally be more generally about religion.) Summaries in black deal with the administration of my Web site or blog. (These classifications are not always unambiguous and sometimes overlap.) Click on a title to go to the post.

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Date Title Summary
2/9/2002 Web Log Introduction to Web log
2/9/2002 How Much Power Can It Take to Run a Map Light? How I killed my battery by leaving the map light on
2/9/2002 Out of This World Why doesn’t the space station spin?
2/9/2002 Historicity Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics
2/10/2002 Windows Update How I zapped my computer by using Microsoft’s Windows Update
2/10/2002 Tech Support How Microsoft helped me restore my computer
2/14/2002 Wire Discovering a landscape with fewer overhead wires
2/19/2002 On-line Pronunciation in an American Online TV commercial 
2/22/2002 Sarah Hughes A figure skater makes watching the Olympics worthwhile
3/1/2002 Steel Commentary (and prediction) about the upcoming presidential decision on steel tariffs
3/4/2002 On- and Off-line Pronunciation and origin of “on-line” and “off-line”
3/16/2002 Ins and Outs of Completing Forms Idioms regarding the use of forms
3/19/2002 World Premier My hymn “O Lord the Invisible” is sung in church for the first time
3/19/2002 How’s That Again? NPR trouble with word order in a report
4/2/2002 Gloomy Words Words related to “Tenebrae”
4/18/2002 Things Might Have Been Different Conciseness vs. precision in a pharmaceutical industry ad
5/18/2002 Back Again! How a Web hosting migration kept me away from this log (and other things in life)
5/21/2002 Did I miss the coup? President Bush’s use of the war to suppress criticism
6/11/2002 Homeland Security Let’s call the new cabinet department something else
6/13/2002 ADM as God? Can one “make” something natural?
6/17/2002 Unpatriotic? Corporate income tax and plans to move the headquarters of The Stanley Works to Bermuda
6/18/2002 Quotation You never know what you say will be quoted 
7/5/2002 Puns An interesting class of puns
8/5/2002 Too Fond of a Good Thing? Hanging on to titles that are no longer appropriate
9/18/2002 Inspections in Iraq A proposal for effective weapons inspections in Iraq 
10/4/2002 Letter on Iraq Advice to Congress on the Iraq situation
12/6/2002 Deconstructing an Icon What’s in a Federal Express logo?
1/5/2003 Far Apart Symmetry in negotiating positions
1/5/2003 Where Did the Other Calorie Go? How did sugar lose one calorie per teaspoon?
1/6/2003 Where Do They Come From? Why did I see no goldfinches before getting a goldfinch feeder?
1/9/2003 A FrontPage Story Microsoft changes a program and almost nobody notices
1/23/2003 On Reaching Consensus Another noun gets verbed
1/27/2003 Travel Tip How to “lock” your checked airline luggage
2/24/2003 Thought Experiment Is NASA being completely forthright about risk analysis during Columbia’s mission?
3/18/2003 Thanks, But No Thanks Why we stand on the brink of war with few allies
3/20/2003 No Protest Today As war in Iraq begins, I find myself supporting it and hoping for the best
4/9/2003 Man-to-man Are the feminist language police asleep at the switch?
4/14/2003 Looting Why we must stop the looting in Iraq now
4/15/2003 The Next Battle for Iraq First steps toward a new government for Iraq
4/26/2003 Incest What do you call a person who engages in incest?
5/7/2003 All New How does an “all new” program differ from a simply “new” one?
5/12/2003 Bucking the Odds George W. Bush risks our President’s life
5/13/2003 Chicken or Egg? Why don’t the Democrats attack the President?
5/15/2003 Constituent Services Senator Rick Santorum reveals his sensitivity
5/22/2003 Some Random Thoughts on Iraq Where do we go from here?
5/23/2003 Thought Experiment Redux NASA answers a hypothetical question regarding Columbia
6/5/2003 Repartee Some recent witty conversations
6/12/2003 Cannot Are “can not” and “cannot” synonymous?
6/20/2003 More Ambiguity Ambiguity in a hotel commercial
7/16/2003 Disconnect Congressman Jim Nussle demonstrates the Republican thought process
7/31/2003 Church and State in the Bush Administration The President speaks out against gay marriage
12/13/2003 Back Again An explanation of why it has been so long since the last post
12/15/2003 Ground Zero Memorial A proposal for a less abstract memorial on the World Trade Center site
6/24/2004 Surprising Old Usages Archaic meanings in historic Anglican texts
6/28/2004 Senate Indecency How sincere is the Senate about indecency?
7/5/2004 Independence Day Thought Why separation of church and state is such a good idea
8/25/2004 Is “Both” Really Necessary? Why do people insist on using “both” when speaking of symmetric relations?
9/15/2004 Lower Manhattan A name takes on new significance
11/15/2004 Reflection on the Recent Election Post-election thoughts offered to members of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
1/4/2005 Charitable Diversion? Tsunami relief provides another opportunity to play politics
5/23/2005 Nuclear Option A letter to my senators on attempts to circumvent the filibuster
7/7/2005 From Yellow to Orange Did Homeland Security really raise the threat level?
7/28/2005 E-commerce at eMusic Aggressive marketing at a music download site
7/28/2005 Space Shuttle Design Flaw Is the Space Shuttle the victim of a bad early design decision?
7/31/2005 Finding the Right Noun NASA or CNN is imprecise
8/3/2005 John Bolton From the Democrat’s point of view, the outcome isn’t so bad
8/16/2005 Another Comma Problem J. K. Rowling omits a comma
9/6/2006 Favicon Explaining a new feature of Lionel Deimel’s Farrago
9/8/2006 Apply Directly to the Whatever How do you pronounce “forehead”?
9/11/2006 Bishops Meeting Again Thoughts on the meeting of Episcopal Church bishops (September 11–13, 2006)
9/14/2006 Update on New York Meeting A brief post-meeting report
9/23/2006 Trying Too Hard Odd pronunciations
9/29/2006 Eat How? Does “eat healthy” make any sense?
10/7/2006 Trying Too Hard II Another odd pronunciation
10/25/2006 What, Me Worry? The White House has no plans for dealing with the aftermath of an election that does not go its way
10/31/2006 What Does the Diocese of Pittsburgh Really Want? Is the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh asking for alternative primatial oversight, appointment of a Communion Commissary, or both?
11/25/2006 Unqualified Accession Can a diocese modify its accession to the constitution and canons of The Episcopal Church?
11/27/2006 Three Parents? More on problems that commas (or their absence) can cause
1/2/2007 Public Reading How I read better in church
1/5/2007 Blog Improvements Some recent blog changes and other administrivia
1/7/2007 Syndication Joys and Woes Thoughts on syndicating my blog
1/7/2007 Unity Collect My collect on the theme of Christian unity is again on the Anglican Cycle of Prayer for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
1/8/2007 Can You Hear the L? Another word for my list of words in which an L is silent
1/9/2007 Do We Need the Anglican Communion? Maybe not
1/11/2007 Advice for the PB for the Primates’ Meeting The new Presiding Bishop will be severely challenged at the upcoming meeting of the primates, but she may be able to turn things around.
1/11/2007 Just to Be Clear ... A brief note reiterating the point made in the last essay, namely, that The Episcopal Church must be willing to walk away from the Anglican Communion is it is to have any hope of saving it
2/7/2007 Going to Hospital A plug for my essay in Language Notes.
2/10/2007 High Anxiety in Pittsburgh Parishes in the Diocese of Pittsburgh could be affected by the upcoming primates’ meeting more than other Episcopalians.
2/14/2007 Nonbinding Resolutions Efforts by Democrats to pass nonbinding resolutions about the Iraq war are not pointless.
2/15/2007 Latest Improvements Some recent blog changes and thought on what I do with my blog
2/17/2007 The Consents Question, Again A review of the saga of obtaining consents for the consecration of Mark Lawrence as Bishop of South Carolina, along with an analysis of the recent letter from the South Carolina Standing Committee
2/18/2007 Last Minute Thoughts on Consents A few more thoughts on the Mark Lawrence matter that didn’t find their way into the previous post
2/20/2007 A New Urgency At the risk of seeming obsessive, I relate the matter of Lawrence consents to the communiqué from the Tanzania primate’s meeting
2/22/2007 Lambeth 1998 1.10 Some initial thoughts on the outcome of the primates’ meeting in Tanzania
2/28/2007 Anglican Ambiguity Thoughts on communiqués from the Anglican primates and the process that produces them
2/28/2007 Arkansas’s What is the singular possessive of “Arkansas”?
3/3/2007 Can We Trust Our Bishops? Consent to consecrate Mark Lawrence by the House of Bishops raises concerns about whether its bishops will protect The Episcopal Church.
3/4/2007 And the correct date is … What is the deadline date for standing committees to respond to the request for consent to consecrate Mark Lawrence?
3/7/2007 Down to the Wire Traditionalists are lobbying for consents for Mark Lawrence. They cannot say that only the election process, and not Mark Lawrence himself, is fair game for consideration, however.
3/8/2007 Unconvinced Mark Lawrence has tried, in a letter to standing committees, to assure the church of his loyalty. I am unconvinced.
3/14/2007 Some Mathematical Reflections on Communion I look at communion relations within the Anglican Communion from a mathematical point of view. Perhaps only mathematicians will want to read this one.
3/15/2007 And the correct date is …, Part II A look at the three-day extension gratuitously given the Diocese of South Carolina to obtain consents for Mark Lawrence
3/15/2007 Lawrence Bid Fails Mark Lawrence’s quest for consents to has consecration has failed. This item contains a link to my press release on the matter.
3/18/2007 Reflections on the Mark Lawrence Affair Thoughts on the Mark Lawrence consent process
3/30/2007 “Bovine Sue” My latest poem honors Episcopalian activist Sue Boulden, who died on 3/27/2007.
3/31/2007 Stupid Chess President Bush is likely to lose the current battle with Congress over a timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq. The loss will not be pretty.
4/1/2007 The Covenant We Do Need A covenant defining how the Anglican Communion works might not be such a bad idea.
4/18/2007 Here We Go Again Will South Carolina choose Lawrence again? Will The Episcopal Church reject Lawrence again?
5/2/2007 Following the Rules Letters in The Living Church respond to coverage of Lawrence rejection
5/2/2007 Reading the Signs Odd signs I’ve encountered lately
5/14/2007 Helping Episcopalians Put in Their Two Cents’ Worth PEP has issued a worksheet to help Episcopalians respond to the Study Guide to the draft Anglican covenant
5/22/2007 Reflecting on Responding to the Study Guide Having posted my answers to the questions in the Episcopal Church’s Study Guide to the draft Anglican covenant, I have taken the opportunity to reflect on the process of developing those answers.
5/26/2007 “Troops” Why do reporters misuse this word?
7/4/2007 Missing Episcopal Words Some thoughts and information about nomenclature in The Episcopal Church.
7/5/2007 “Why Others Stand as Well” I recommend an essay to counter the distorted essay of the Rev. Dr. Leslie Fairfield “Why We Stand.”
7/23/2007 Doing Consents Right The Rev. Dan Martins has reported that the San Joaquin standing committee has questioned the consistency of the Presiding Bishop in handling the consent process for bishops. San Joaquin has a point, though I think it is too early to be talking about Consentgate.
7/24/2007 Doing Consents Right Redux This a a follow-up post to the one above, based on additional information.
7/28/2007 Aquafina Scandal Do you know where your bottled water comes from? Do you care?
8/6/2007 And/Or Can one be both a woman and a child?
9/6/2007 Agreeing to Agree Analysis of a curious compact from the Diocese of Pittsburgh
9/10/2007 Pittsburgh Mystery Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Pittsburgh will be discussing changes to its constitution and canons related to the accession clause Tuesday night. There is unusual secrecy surrounding this discussion. Is something dramatic afoot? Or not?
9/11/2007 “... the bishop didn’t say that.” Did Bishop Duncan say that he was going to try to take his entire diocese out of The Episcopal Church or not? Audio is included.
9/12/2007 Something Dramatic The Diocesan Council meeting did live up to its billing. The end of the Anglican Communion, The Episcopal Church, or both might be near.
9/13/2007 Controlling the Message The diocese gets out its message.
9/24/2007 The Church Waits Thoughts as the House of Bishops considers its response to the Anglican primates
9/28/2007 Bishop Salmon’s Solution Bishop Salmon thinks the church needs more grace and less law. I disagree.
10/3/2007 One Vestry Takes a Clear Stand My own parish vestry has written a letter to parishioners in support of The Episcopal Church.
10/31/2007 Congratulations, Bishop Lawrence Mark Lawrence has finally received consents.
11/13/2007 The Faith Once Delivered An oft-used phrase could not possible mean what it is supposed to.
11/30/2007 A Pittsburgh Lament Friend Jane Little muses on the situation in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
12/10/2007 Now what? What is the church going to do about San Joaquin?
12/12/2007 “Schism” A limerick about the goings-on in San Joaquin?
12/23/2007 Welcome to my church... A new Web site displays ads for The Episcopal Church that have been appearing in newspapers in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
1/11/2008 What Didn’t Happen The Episcopal Church has brought abandonment charges against Bishop John-David Schofield. No charges have been brought against Bishop Robert Duncan or Bishop Jack Iker, however. What’s going on here?
2/9/2008 What to Call Her What do you call a female gunman?
2/10/2008 The Pittsburgh Laity Speaks A letter from “Pittsburgh Laity” is less than what it seems.
3/3/2008 Playing by the Rules? Do Hillary Clinton’s campaign tactics suggest that we would do well to keep her out of the White House?
3/12/2008 Random Linguistic Oddities Related sentences with different meanings
3/17/2008 Duncan Responds Bishop Duncan has responded to the charges of abandoning the communion of The Episcopal Church. His response is unconvincing, but what does he have to lose?
3/17/2008 Duncan’s Defense Analysis of Bishop Duncan’s letter in his defense (see previous item)
3/17/2008 Legal Matters Analysis of legal matters related to Bishop Duncan’s case
3/19/2008 A Punctuation Oddity Punctuating a troublesome sentence from Trains Magazine
3/29/2008 Is Obama Applying for the Wrong Job? Obama should not look to George Bush as his presidential role model.
3/31/2008 A New Service A new Web site, Pittsburgh Update, will help Pittsburgh Episcopalians keep abreast of developments in the church that could affect them.
4/9/2008 Even I Am Not That Paranoid The disappearance of a diocesan magazine from the Web seems to have been a simple clerical error.
4/23/2008 Has Anyone Looked at the Numbers? The percentages being reported for the Pennsylvania presidential primary are not quite right.
5/9/2008 The Ignorant Vote Clinton touts her advantage with whites who have not graduated from college.
5/14/2008 A Pittsburgh Conversation A conservative priest opposed to realignment in the Diocese of Pittsburgh speaks at a Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh meeting.
5/19/2008 Realignment Reconsidered A new document from Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh, “Realignment Reconsidered,” of which I am principal author, is being announced today. It attempts to correct the misinformation being disseminated by the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
6/3/2008 Resigned to Realignment Episcopalians in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, whether for or against realignment, seem resigned to a coming division of the diocese.
6/16/2008 Which Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh? The Bishop of Pittsburgh registers a new Pennsylvania corporation.
6/26/2008 Whither Pittsburgh? What will the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh that is part of The Episcopal Church be like after realignment? Pittsburgh Episcopalians are working on that. I offer an unofficial preview of where the Diocese of Pittsburgh may be going.
7/5/2008 Scary Women Are men more afraid of crime than women?
7/9/2008 Calvary’s Cavalry Again Rides to the Rescue Calvary Church has returned to court to ask that a “monitor” be appointed to oversee the assets of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. The court papers also ask that parishes be allowed to pay their assessments into escrow accounts for the time being.
7/15/2008 A Collect for Lambeth A Douglas LeBlanc essay inspires a collect for the Lambeth Conference that begins in England tomorrow.
7/18/2008 The more things change … The Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh membership-renewal letter of August 2005 seems very contemporary three years later.
8/2/2008 Realign with Me A defense of a satirical song
8/6/2008 Lies and Dodges Bishop Duncan’s lawyers file a response in the Calvary lawsuit.
8/9/2008 Let’s Get It Over With Why the House of Bishops should depose Bishop Duncan at their September meeting
8/11/2008 Mistaken Primate Archbishop Rowan Williams seems confused about his role in the Anglican Communion.
8/12/2008 Another Take on Rowan’s Thinking Savitri Hensman offers another example of the odd moral calculus of Archbishop Rowan Williams.
8/22/2008 Fallback Position Trinity Cathedral considers a resolution of “generosity”
8/26/2008 Fallback Position Redux More on the Trinity Cathedral proposal, mostly from a member of the Cathedral Chapter
8/29/2008 Sarah Who? John McCain surprises everyone
9/1/2008 Good Grief! It’s bad enough when the Archbishop of Canterbury speaks of the “Anglican Church.” It is more disturbing when Episcopalians do so.
9/3/2008 Across the Aisle Sponsors Unity Event Episcopalians supporting their church announce an event opposing schism (i.e., “realignment”)
9/4/2008 Designing a Logo How I came to design an Across the Aisle logo
9/10/2008 Kill that picture! A new control for a TV remote
9/13/2008 A Hopeful Event Across the Aisle’s first public event a grand success
9/18/2008 Is The Episcopal Church Hierarchical? An introduction to a paper by Joan Gundersen responding to a paper by Mark McCall that was published by the Anglican Communion Institute
9/19/2008 Reflections on the Deposition Vote Some thoughts in light of the decision of the House of Bishops to consent to the deposition of the Bishop of Pittsburgh
9/20/2008 Across the Aisle Web Site Across the Aisle now has a real Web site (sort of). Find it here.
9/22/2008 On Pride and Priests An essay by Conroy Guyer makes the moral case against “realignment.”
9/22/2008 Done Bishop Duncan’s deposition is official.
9/29/2008 Gundersen Offers Pittsburgh Update Joan Gundersen describes the present situation in the Diocese of Pittsburgh
10/1/2008 Petty Why does a diocesan convention have to be so inconvenient?
10/4/2008 Realignment Blues Realignment passes, and the diocese distributes a brochure explaining its version of reality.
10/8/2008 Christian Unity Reflection on a poem written six years ago
10/11/2008 Recycling Warning The hidden hazards of recycling
10/12/2008 Grace and Charity in Wonderland Pittsburgh realigners try to intimidate loyal Episcopal Church parishes
10/16/2008 Stewards, Not Owners Dean George Werner offers a lesson in stewardship of church property
10/17/2008 Robbery on the Rails Sic transit gloria transit
10/17/2008 Moving Forward with Grace A modest report on the first public meeting of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh following “realignment”
10/26/2008 The Ground War A “realigned” parish launches an attack on my own parish
11/8/2008 The Anglican Neighborhood of Make-Believe Bishop Duncan’s triumphal return
11/11/2008 Lessons from an Overeager Buyer How not to purchase tickets on the Web
11/19/2008 You’ve got to be kidding! Bishop Wantland tries to fly under the radar
11/19/2008 Training at the Donut Shop Helping to train the new staff for Dunkin’ Donuts
11/25/2008 A Tex Question Is Bishop Duncan’s “diocese” tax-exempt?
12/8/2008 Those Pesky Silent Ls Cokie Roberts gets her pronunciation wrong
12/12/2008 Diocese of Pittsburgh Special Convention About to Begin What I've been doing on the eve of the convention
12/12/2008 So Far, So Good A report of the beginning of the special convention
12/15/2008 Special Convention Reflections on special convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
12/22/2008 Change It Now! It’s time the Anglican Communion Office acknowledged the real Diocese of Pittsburgh (not to mention Fort Worth and Quincy).
12/31/2008 Let It Be Governor Rod Blagojevich has done everyone a favor by appointing Roland Burris to the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.
1/2/2009 Modest Success The major goal of my “Change It Now!” campaign has been achieved
1/8/2009 The Other Shoe Drops The Diocese of Pittsburgh and Calvary Church positions the court to deliver its property
1/17/2009 Neither in Hand nor in the Bush Chasing a bird out of the house
1/19/2009 Inauguration Poem Writing a poem for Barack Obama
1/21/2009 “Hail Barack Obama” in the Post-Gazette My poem for Obama’s inauguration is printed in the local newspaper
1/26/2009 Habits Are Hard to Break Working on two computers at once can be frustrating
1/28/2009 Ketchup in the Fridge Heinz offers a new ketchup bottle
2/10/2009 Acer’s Technical Non-support How not to do technical support
2/13/2009 Episcopal Church Asks to Join Calvary Lawsuit The Episcopal Church is finally asking to join with Calvary Church to protect the assets of the Diocese of Pittsburgh
2/15/2009 Further Analysis Additional analysis of the 2/13/2009 fi on 2/13/2009
2/18/2009 Coming Together A progress report on the Diocese of Pittsburgh
2/19/2009 Pittsburgh Standing Committee Writes to Diocese The Diocese of Pittsburgh updates leaders on recent developments regarding property disputes
3/1/2009 Duncan Letter Decoded My take on Robert Duncan’s latest pastoral letter to his flock
3/9/2009 Another Motion from the Duncan Camp Analysis of the latest filing by the defendants in the Calvary lawsuit
3/13/2009 Akinola: Anglican Fundamentalist, Fascist, and Theocrat I’ve had it with Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria. Here’s why.
3/21/2009 Shame on You, David Anderson The AAC’s David Anderson attacks the innocent
3/27/2009 Oh, That Pittsburgh The Living Church causes confusion about the Pittsburgh “dioceses”
4/7/2009 The Big Mistake There is something wrong with the Palm Sunday liturgy. This is an introduction to my essay “The Big Mistake.”
4/9/2009 Write to Me Although my blog does not support comments, readers are encouraged to write about my posts.
4/10/2009 National Poetry Month 2009 Announcing a new poem
4/11/2009 Scripture for the Ridley Cambridge Draft The latest draft of a proposed Anglican covenant cites a number of scripture passages. I have prepared a document that contains the text of all those passages.
4/14/2009 Who Represents What The chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh argues for his participation in the Calvary lawsuit.
4/15/2009 Major Motion Picture Thinking about a common phrase
4/16/2009 Calvary Lawsuit Heats Up After a month of inactivity, the court sees a flurry of filings
4/19/2009 A Hearing at Last Things are looking good for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh in its dispute with Robert Duncan.
4/26/2009 Praying for Communion A monthly prayer service is helping to rebuild community in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
4/26/2009 Catching Up on Calvary Litigation Documents More court documents from the Calvary Church litigation, but no new news to report.
4/30/2009 Communion Partner Bishop’s Statement My take on the statement from Communion Partner bishops on Episcopal Church polity
5/2/2009 The Real Case Against Gay Marriage The real issues are seldom discussed.
5/3/2009 The ACC Begins Its Meeting What, exactly, will the Anglican Consultative Council decide to do with the Anglican covenant draft?
5/6/2009 Not So Fast The General Convention should have no response to the draft Anglican covenant.
5/7/2009 Two New Moratoria As long as the Anglican Communion is waiting for consensus, we should sit on the sidelines until that consensus emerges (or until hell freezes over, whichever comes first).
5/16/2009 Still No Reason for a Covenant The Rev. Jim Stockton has written a perceptive commentary on the proposed Anglican covenant.
5/17/2009 Cuba and Chrysler Isn’t it time to drop our trade embargo?
5/17/2009 Streamlining Choir Rehearsals Reducing the frustrations of choir members
5/20/2009 More Words from Lala Land Is Robert Duncan in a world of his own? The latest court filing suggests as much.
5/20/2009 Accountability Isn’t it odd that Robert Duncan, who sees himself as supremely independent, advocates for accountability within the Anglican Communion.
5/27/2009 San Joaquin Clergy Deposed Bishop Lamb has deposed those priests and deacons who left the Diocese of San Joaquin for the Southern Cone.
5/27/2009 My Day in Court A first-person report on the May 27 hearing in the Calvary Church litigation
6/7/2009 Episcopal versus Anglican It’s time to take back the mantle of Anglicanism.
6/8/2009 Saving Anglicanism My advice to the 76th General Convention is much the same as it was to the the 75th.
6/15/2009 Who Will the General Convention Be Listening To? Watching Voices of Witness Africa sends a message to the General Convention.
6/17/2009 A Computer Science Perspective on the Stipulation Computer science suggests two different ways one might interpret the stipulation in the Calvary lawsuit.
6/22/2009 New Via Media USA Web Site The Via Media USA Web site gets a makeover.
6/22/2009 Quick Takes for 6/24/2009 A few comments on news from the Anglican world
6/30/2009 Kudos for Bonnie Bonnie Anderson proposes a plan to let the House of Deputies consider strategy before it has to deal with specific legislation.
6/30/2009 Kudos for Bonnie Bonnie Anderson proposes a plan to let the House of Deputies consider strategy before it has to deal with specific legislation.
7/12/2009 D025 Commentary on a General Convention resolution dealing with B033 of 2006
7/15/2009 Nice try, but General Convention’s Media Hub is a source of frustration.
7/16/2009 In Support of Judge Sotomayor (maybe) What the Supreme Court justice nominee should have said
7/18/2009 What D025 Has Done Analysis of D025 as passed
7/31/2009 Deconstructing Rowan My take on the recent reflection from the Archbishop of Canterbury
8/6/2009 No Anglican Covenant It’s time for a campaign to derail the Anglican communion process. The campaign logo is here.
8/20/2009 Catching Up on Things Episcopal A quick take on what I have and haven’t written lately related to church matters
8/21/2009 Lutherans Vote YES! The ELCA has voted in principle to allow partnered gay clergy.
8/29/2009 A Tale of Two Parking Lots How much equipment is needed to control a parking lot?
9/1/2009 Canadian Math An article in Anglican Journal suggests that Canadian Anglicans may not compute so good.
9/6/2009 Adjectives Ending in ly Some adjectives look like adverbs.
9/9/2009 Why No Anglican Covenant: Part 1 A first installment on why the Anglican covenant is a bad idea
9/11/2009 The Politics of Ignorance Republicans had good reason to keep children from hearing a presidential address.
9/14/2009 Illusion and Reality Media can play tricks on us.
9/18/2009 Goodbye, Mary Travers A tribute to the “Mary” of Peter, Paul & Mary
9/25/2009 Where Did My Opinion Go? A public service post: where to find a South Carolina Supreme Court opinion that was initially posted in the wrong place
9/25/2009 Why No Anglican Covenant: Part 2 A second installment about why we do not want an Anglican covenant
9/27/2009 A Perspective on the Pawleys Island Case Attorney Ken Stiles offers his view of a controversial S.C. Supreme Court case.
10/3/2009 All Things Bright and Beautiful New verses for a perky hymn.
10/6/2009 Victory! Judge awards diocesan property to Episcopal Church diocese
10/9/2009 Diocese Clarifies Property Status Parsing a diocesan statement on the status of property of “realigned” parishes
10/10/2009 What Are the Episcopal Church Canons, Anyway? Can we trust the Episcopal Church’s canons on the Web?
10/11/2009 Is Pittsburgh Treating ‘Realigned’ Clergy Properly? Analysis of the Pittsburgh Standing Committee’s offer to clergy who left for the Southern Cone
10/12/2009 Episcopal Church Canons and Overlapping Jurisdictions An interesting discovery in the Episcopal Church canons
10/13/2009 Once More on Departed Pittsburgh Clergy Further thoughts on the action of the Standing Committee
10/16/2009 Doing Things Differently in Pittsburgh Diversity of opinion still exists in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Perhaps the re-organized diocese is finding more effective ways of dealing with it, however.
10/18/2009 Munday Logic The logic of Nashotah House’s president is, to say the least, difficult to follow.
10/20/2009 Looking on the Bright Side The Vatican poaches Anglican faithful, and Rowan celebrates
10/22/2009 Dallas: A Diocese to Watch A report on the recently completed annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
11/1/2009 Questions for the Anglican Diocese Questions about the decision to appeal the ruling in the Calvary lawsuit
11/3/2009 Blog Now Supports Comments The blog has gotten a makeover and now allows visitors to leave comments.
11/4/2009 Gone But Not Forgotten Thoughts on the now-departed Pittsburgh clergy
11/6/2009 Alleged Shooter Journalists are forced to use “alleged” much too often.
11/6/2009 Time for “Hooker Hymn” My hymn “Authorities” would be a good choice for two Sundays from now.
11/7/2009 Help Wanted Readers are asked to report errors.
11/8/2009 Reports from the Anglican Diocese The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh holds its first annual convention.
11/10/2009 The Lists Who was removed from the ranks of Pittsburgh Episcopal clergy?
11/12/2009 11/12/2009 Updates More on the problem I found in the text of Canon III.9.11 and on the release on Pittsburgh clergy
11/15/2009 Renewed and Guaranteed Ford had a better idea.
11/16/2009 Shall the “Orthodox” Anglicans Win? Harry Emerson Fosdick has a message for Episcopalians.
11/18/2009 Learning from the Roman Catholics Do we really want Anglicans to make decisions as the Roman Catholics do?
11/24/2009 Enough Already The Episcopal Church should stop hijacking visitors to its own Web site.
11/25/2009 Seat of Power? Where is ACNA?
11/26/2009 Happy Thanksgiving A Thanksgiving poem
11/28/2009 Housecleaning Cleaning up graphics and thinking about cleaning up links
12/1/2009 The There There More on the ACNA office
12/5/2009 Joy and Challenge An episcopal election promises to be a watershed.
12/7/2009 Background Press Briefing Concerning L.A. Episcopal Elections Clarifying some issues the press is getting wrong
12/11/2009 Leafs Nissan chooses a different plural
12/13/2009 Archbishop Duncan and Uganda Will Robert Duncan make a statement opposing the anti-homosexual legislation in Uganda?
12/18/2009 Not Again! When will the Anglican Communion have a new idea?
12/18/2009 Changes to Section 4 of the Covenant Draft What, exactly, has been changed in Section 4 of the Anglican covenant draft?
12/19/2009 Electronics How do you pronounce “electronics”?
12/19/2009 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas A poem for the season
12/21/2009 Avatar A must-see movie
12/21/2009 Screw the GOP Republicans have lost the right to govern.
12/21/2009 European Bilocation Can one be stuck on both sides of the English Channel at once?
12/24/2009 Communion Transparency How do we even know what the rules of the game are?
12/27/2009 Communion Transparency, Take 2 Are secret rules the product of a legal status change of the Anglican Consultative Council?
1/1/2010 Decades A decade ends (or not).
1/2/2010 Bad Fruit from Bad Seed An essay on the proposed Anglican covenant by the Rev. Jim Stockton
1/7/2010 Communion Transparency, Take 3 Further clarification of Anglican Consultative Council rules
1/7/2010 Communion Transparency, Take 4 Is there an Anglican Communion Office?
1/14/2010 Section 4 Decoded Diagrams and remarks on Section 4 of the final text of the proposed Anglican covenant
1/16/2010 Glasspool, Bruce, and Consents The consent periods for Glasspool and Bruce have begun.
1/23/2010 Eve in a Basket A picture of my black cat, Eve
1/24/2010 Question for the Third Sunday after the Epiphany An important question for Christians
1/26/2010 Not Lovin’ It Reflection on the advertising of McDonald’s
1/29/2010 Judge Orders Asset Transfer? Judge James has issued an order in the Calvary lawsuit, but I don’t know what it says.
1/29/2010 Defendants Have 20 Days A public version of Judge James’s order is now available. More to follow.
1/29/2010 More on the Court Order Details of the court order
2/1/2010 Now What? Part 1 An initial post on fallout from the 1/29/2010 court decision
2/2/2010 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell A thought for the day about gay bishops
2/2/2010 The Coming Transition Blogger is making necessary some technical changes to how this blog is hosted and published.
2/3/2010 Now What? Part 2 More thoughts on where the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh needs to go from here
2/9/2010 Snowstorm Pittsburgh got hammered and is in for more snow.
2/10/2010 A Shot Across the Bow A quick analysis of the ACNA resolution passed by the Church of England General Synod
2/12/2010 The Winter Olympics Begin Let the games begin. Remember Sarah Hughes?
2/13/2010 Declaring Victory and Moving On ACNA celebrates the action of the General Synod.
2/15/2010 A Celebration of New Ministry The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Price gets a proper installation as provisional bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
2/17/2010 Ash Wednesday Haiku Poem for the day
2/18/2010 Should the Government Get Out of the Marriage Business? Thoughts on gay marriage
2/18/2010 Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence Language has been manipulated to oppress The Episcopal Church.
2/19/2010 Recycling at Best Buy: Crossed Wires Best Buy seems to have a management problem.
2/21/2010 Hosting Problems This blog has been off-line due to hosting problems.
2/22/2010 It’s Been a Long, Long Time Manipulating the reader’s perception of time
2/23/2010 Back to Normal Technical problems have been resolved.
2/24/2010 New and Somewhat Worsened Why can’t the church’s official version of its constitution and canons be more user-friendly?
2/24/2010 Thank You, Visa Visa is not our friend.
2/25/2010 Calvary Decision Appeal Defendants appeal at last.
2/27/2010 Help for Chile? Who will offer aid, and will it be accepted?
2/27/2010 Mainline Status Report on Gay Clergy The AP reports on where churches stand.
3/2/2010 Anglican Communion Covenant Forum Church Divinity School of the Pacific presents a forum that provides useful insights into the proposed Anglican covenant.
3/3/2010 Future Thoughts Mainline churches are not a lost cause.
3/4/2010 Beginning Transition The migration of the blog to a Blogger server is beginning. While it is in progress, a status report will be posted on my home page.
3/4/2010 Are We Done Yet? A test post to see if the migration to a Google server was successful
3/5/2010 Blog Printing Problems A printing problem involving Firefox apparently has nothing to do with the migration to a Google server.
3/5/2010 Problem in Blogroll Listings The migration may have broking links to this blog in blogrolls.
3/7/2010 Question for the Third Sunday in Lent A question inspired by today’s Gospel
3/8/2010 Migration Nearly Done A single outstanding issue remains.
3/9/2010 Reviving Cursillo Reviving Episcopal Cursillo in the diocese begins
3/12/2010 Reviving Cursillo, Follow-up Reports from two dioceses
3/17/2010 A Question of Ordination Vows A response to a comment by the Rev. David Wilson on my previous post
3/20/2010 Well, Duh! The Diocese of New Westminster sees the obvious.
3/22/2010 Heat and the CPU There are several causes for an overheated CPU in your computer.
3/29/2010 Cornell Bridges Get Ugly Preventing suicides leads to ugly results.
3/29/2010 Misguided Editorial The Living Church gets it all wrong in an editorial
3/30/2010 Two Tiers Certain aspects of the proposed Anglican covenant are simply stupid.
3/31/2010 National Poetry Month 2010 It’s that time of year again!
4/1/2010 Breakfast at Chick-fil-A Sometimes you’re surprised by kindness.
4/3/2010 Photo for Easter Goldfinches at my tube feeder
4/7/2010 Welcome to the Store The Farrago Gift Shop is now open. Initially, all the items display the No Anglican Covenant logo.
4/9/2010 More Stuff The Farrago Gift Shop expands.
4/11/2010 Duruflé Requiem I am one of the singers for an April 17 performance.
4/13/2010 Calvary’s Legal Fees Where have Calvary’s legal fees come from?
4/14/2010 Still Not Lovin’ It More strange ad copy from McDonald’s
4/14/2010 New Blog I’ve created a blog about my parish.
4/16/2010 Some Political Observations Brief commentaries on current news stories
4/20/2010 New Verses for a Bad Hymn Some poetry is hard to parody
4/21/2010 Why Bother? The Archbishop of Canterbury sends a message.
4/23/2010 Listening to the Trumpet Global South Anglicans sound their horn.
4/24/2010 Neat Bumper Sticker Seen on the street
4/29/2010 Another Clever Auto Tag Something else seen on the street
4/30/2010 Countdown This blog begins a countdown to an important event, the consecration of Mary Glasspool.
5/2/2010 SB 1070 Why aren’t more citizens upset by the new Arizona immigration law?
5/4/2010 Progress in Portugal Gay marriage may become legal in Portugal.
5/5/2010 Mystery Solved! I have identified the Armstrong of Armstrong number.
5/6/2010 A Preamble Proposal A proposed amendment for The Episcopal Church’s suboptimal Preamble
5/10/2010 Reviving an Old Proposal Should The Episcopal Church take a sabbatical from the Anglican Communion?
5/15/2010 Poem for Mary Poem in honor of Mary Glasspool’s consecration
5/15/2010 Let the Handwringing Begin! Anglican Mainstream is early out with criticism of the Glasspool consecration.
5/15/2010 Farrago Problem I’m working at fixing a problem with Lionel Deimel’s Farrago.
5/17/2010 Making the Headline Perfectly Clear Do headline writers understand the word “lesbian”?
5/19/2010 Not an Anti-incumbent Thing There were good reasons to vote against Senator Specter.
5/19/2010 Labels Do mailing labels have to mar the cover of a magazine?
5/24/2010 ‘Lost’ Loses; ‘Babylon 5’ Retains Title The big finale was unsatisfying.
5/25/2010 Strength for the Journey The church ministers to one of its wounded dioceses.
5/28/2010 Photos for 5/28/2010 A bit of silliness on a day that Rowan Williams is going to the empty well yet again.
5/30/2010 Okoh: Pull Nigeria Out of U.N. Nigeria’s primate wants Nigeria out of the U.N. because of the alleged promotion of homosexuality by U.N. bodies.
5/31/2010 English Pronunciation is Often Frustrating How do you pronounce often?
5/31/2010 Your Blogger’s New Image A new portrait of the man behind the blog.
6/2/2010 Territorial Integrity Episcopal border crossings are important.
6/2/2010 Marketing Opportunity? The Anglican Communion Office now has an on-line store.
6/7/2010 Too Much Power Already The Archbishop of Canterbury has gone too far this time.
6/8/2010 Milestone in Portugal Gay marriage is now a reality in Portugal.
6/8/2010 Diocese Distributes Parish Funds Episcopal diocese releases parish funds to parishes and non-parishes.
6/9/2010 Ecumenical Discussions and the Anglican Communion Do such discussions even make sense?
6/13/2010 National Symbols Why is the flag so ubiquitous?
6/17/2010 Advice from Maggie Ross Advice about getting too close
6/18/2010 Adjectives Becoming Nouns and Other Linguistic Adventures “Remote” and other shortened forms
6/19/2010 National Symbols (Again) A proposed replacement for the National Anthem
6/23/2010 Has Rowan Done Us a Favor? Should we be happy to be out of Communion ecumenical discussions?
6/28/2010 Thought for 6/28/2010 Disputing Anglican’s “essence”
6/28/2010 Barbed Wire and the Anglican Covenant Katie Sherrod’s vision of the proposed Anglican covenant
7/3/2010 Ignored Studio 360 shafts its listener-contributors.
7/12/2010 PUR vs. Brita PUR provides a less frustrating installation experience.
7/15/2010 Anglican Communion Stories Trinity Wall Street highlights the good work being done in the Anglican Communion.
7/17/2010 Preserving the Elizabethan Compromise Reflections on a Giles Fraser essay
7/23/2010 RIP, Daniel Schorr The long-time NPR analyst has died.
7/23/2010 Avoiding the Prickly, Irritating Feeling All about Dr. Deimel underwear
7/24/2010 Rules? What Rules? Transparency regarding the governing rules of the Anglican Consultative Council is virtually non-existent.
7/30/2010 A Very un-Anglican Covenant Modern Church offers a concise argument against an Anglican covenant.
7/30/2010 The Communion and the Archbishop It is time to remove the Archbishop of Canterbury from the head, spiritual or otherwise, of the Anglican Communion.
8/3/2010 Rule and Ultimate Standard of Faith Even some of the seemingly innocuous provisions of the proposed Anglican covenant can be dangerous.
8/5/2010 Proposition 8 Overturned U.S. District Court declares California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional. The opinion can be read here.
8/6/2010 Pennsylvania Episcopalians to Gather Members of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania plan to talk in preparation for the not-so-triumphal return of Bishop Charles Bennison.
8/9/2010 Losing the “E” Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry has dropped “Episcopal” almost everywhere.
8/16/2010 Unhappiness in Pennsylvania The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania calls for Bishop Bennison’s resignation.
8/24/2010 Big Truck I saw an amazing truck at an I-79 rest stop.
8/28/2010 Forward Slash A slash by any other name is still a slash.
9/8/2010 Questions and Slogans Questions and slogans for The Episcopal Church
9/9/2010 God and the Universe What is God’s current relationship to the universe?
9/12/2010 Armstrong Numbers After corresponding with Michael Armstrong, I have added a page about Armstrong numbers on my Web site.
9/15/2010 Blissful Ignorance Experiences with a “Christian” search engine
9/15/2010 Saltines We pronounce “saltine” in a way that is not at all obvious.
9/16/2010 The Martyrs of Memphis Remembering Christians heroes and heroines of not so long ago
9/22/2010 S.C. Via Media Group Calls for Investigation Episcopal Forum of South Carolina calls for an investigation of its own diocese. Beginning an investigation is the least the church should do.
9/22/2010 High Winds Mt. Lebanon is hit by heavy rains and high winds.
9/23/2010 After the Storm Mt. Lebanon was hit pretty hard.
9/23/2010 More on the Goings On in South Carolina Dr. Joan Gundersen has written a first installment about the resolutions to be considered by the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.
9/24/2010 Life without Electricity Enduring a power outage.
9/24/2010 Blog Changes and Features A guide explaining some of the features of my blog, including some new ones.
9/25/2010 Political Logos I offer some free logos for the political class.
9/25/2010 Cats and Syringes A brief plug for “Syringes for My Cat” in Commentary
9/26/2010 Fantastic but Hazardous Some kitchen cleaning products should be used with special card.
9/28/2010 Episcopal Election Plan Gets Chilly Reception The plan for electing the next Bishop of Pittsburgh has its problems.
9/30/2010 Standing Committee to Bennison: ‘Consider Spirit of the Law’ The Pennsylvania Standing Committee again writes to Bishop Bennison.
10/1/2010 St. Laika’s Mad Priest has a new Web site.
10/3/2010 Farm-grown Ingredients Campbell’s promotes the obvious.
10/5/2010 Additional Thoughts on the Plan to Select the Next Bishop of Pittsburgh An analysis of the proposed episcopal search process for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, with recommendations for improvements.
10/6/2010 Will We Act with Integrity? The General Convention should act on what our church actually believes and reject the Anglican covenant.
10/11/2010 Pittsburgh Standing Committee Responds to Concerns In response to criticism, the Pittsburgh Standing Committee has offered a better plan to find a new bishop.
10/11/2010 Another Revised Convention Resolution A resolution is revised, though not obviously improved.
10/17/2010 Convention Report Observations on the just concluded Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh annual convention
11/1/2010 Thought for the Eve of Election Day An appropriate observation comes from the sixteenth century.
11/3/2010 The Announcement The new force on the Web today is the No Anglican Covenant Coalition.
11/4/2010 On the Organizational Proclivities of Anarchists Profound wisdom from NPR.
11/6/2010 Pier A late-night walk on a fishing pier inspires a new poem.
11/14/2010 A New Blog The No Anglican Covenant Coalition has created a new blog, “Comprehensive Unity: The Anglican Covenant Blog.”
11/16/2010 Trick Table Don’t assume that every table has a 90° edge.
11/16/2010 Problems with Netgear DSL Modem/Router/Access Point Netgear illustrates how to lose a customer.
11/17/2010 If it looks like a duck… Consider what the Anglican Covenant is, not what its proponents say it is.
11/21/2010 What will the ‘orthodox’ do? The Anglican Covenant is insufficiently draconian for the ‘orthodox.’ What options do they see?
11/23/2010 First Test for the No Anglican Covenant Coalition The No Anglican Covenant Coalition sends out a news release as England prepares to vote on the Covenant.
11/24/2010 Sad Day: CofE Synod Approves Anglican Covenant The Covenant passes easily in the General Synod.
11/25/2010 Happy Thanksgiving 2010 My now traditional Thanksgiving poem
11/28/2010 The Way Forward? The Anglican Covenant appears to be dead.
12/1/2010 Evaluation of the General Synod Events I comment on the No Anglican Covenant Coalition’s analysis of the Church of England’s General Synod action on the Anglican Covenant.
12/6/2010 Dark Day for the Republic Obama has failed the country.
12/7/2010 Two Anglican Thought Experiments What would we do if we had no bishops or no Anglican Communion?
12/9/2010 A Brief Meditation on ACNA ACNA is misnamed.
12/14/2010 Musings on Communion Agreements The communion agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America prompts thoughts about the Anglican Covenant.
12/15/2010 Reasons to Oppose the Covenant The No Anglican Covenant Coalition has produced a useful list.
12/17/2010 “Vibrant” Communion A clarification of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition’s characterization of the Anglican Communion.
12/22/2010 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, 2010 Creating a tradition, I offer a Christmas poem from 2002.
12/26/2010 On Pressing the Apostle Paul Robert P. Smith provides a helpful perspective on Paul’s view of homosexuality.
12/28/2010 Capitalizing “Catholic” Why are some instances of “catholic” capitalized in the prayer book and some not?
1/1/2011 Hope for 2011 The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlights the need to save WDUQ as a jazz and NPR station.
1/3/2011 Why the Archbishop of Canterbury Hates Us The Archbishop of Canterbury operates from a defective premise.
1/7/2011 Who Moved My CofE Web Site? The relaunch of the Church of England’s Web site is not going well.
1/13/2011 Icon An animation to brighten your day
1/14/2011 Hope Fulfilled? WDUQ-FM has been sold and will remain a public radio station.
1/23/2011 What to Do with Republicans? Republican behavior inspires a slogan and logo.
1/23/2011 Transferring Prescriptions Limiting prescription transfers is solving the wrong problem.
2/1/2011 GAFCON and the Covenant GAFCON’s rejection of the Anglican Covenant is not an excuse to diminish efforts to derail Covenant progress.
2/1/2011 A Fair Settlement? The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has struck an agreement with an ACNA parish.
2/2/2011 St. Philip’s Update St. Philip’s members have agreed to the agreement with the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
2/2/2011 Breaking News: Court Rejects Anglican Appeal An appeal to the decision to award diocesan property to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has been rejected.
2/2/2011 Details of Commonwealth Court Ruling Analysis of the decision rejecting the appeal of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh
2/2/2011 Announcements and Clarifications from the Diocese The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has sent e-mail announcing and explaining the recent news events.
2/5/2011 Snow? Odd snow in Pittsburgh
2/5/2011 Why Bother? Archbishop Duncan has written a pastoral letter, and his diocese has issued a press release. What’s going on?
2/6/2011 Honesty I’d Like to See Is every actor really amazing?
2/7/2011 A Covenant from New Zealand A Presbyterian church from Down Under has the right idea.
2/9/2011 After Dublin—Part 1 Independency vs. interdependency
2/11/2011 Freedom! The Egyptian revolution succeeds.
2/11/2011 After Dublin—Part 2 Interdependency is to be avoided.
2/13/2011 Biblical Insight Limitations on the utility of the Bible
2/14/2011 More on the Petition for a Rehearing It is quite unlikely that the plaintiffs in the Calvary lawsuit will be granted a rehearing by Commonwealth Court.
2/22/2011 Big Snow The view from my kitchen window is lovely after 8 inches of snow in Pittsburgh.
2/24/2011 Unity in Our Time Rowan Williams as the Anglican Communion’s Neville Chamberlain
2/27/2011 No Anglican Covenant Coalition: Play Fair The No Anglican Covenant Coalitions chides Covenant advocates for not playing fair.
3/2/2011 Anglican Legal Advice The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh gives legal advice to its parishes.
3/2/2011 Free Speech A Supreme Court decision protecting free speech
3/5/2011 The Quotable John Saxbee Bishop Saxbee’s speech on the Anglican Covenant to the Church of England General Synod last year contained many rhetorical gems.
3/8/2011 Church and State A British jurist could easily have been addressing Americans on the limits of religious liberty.
3/10/2011 Natural-Cut Wendy’s new fries are tasty, if badly named.
3/12/2011 Why Is Rowan Such a Disappointment? My view of why Rowan Williams’ tenure as Archbishop of Canterbury has been a disaster
3/15/2011 Pittsburgh Covenant Debate A parish holds a debate on the Anglican Covenant
3/16/2011 Out of the Frying Pan A poem inspired by Japan’s tragedy
3/22/2011 Why the Anglican Covenant Should Be Rejected Summary of an anti-Covenant talk I presented
3/27/2011 Needed: An Anniversary Prayer Why is there no annniversary prayer in the prayer book?
3/29/2011 It’s Our Church, Too Secrecy in the House of Bishops
4/2/2011 What Part of Speech Is That? Where does Root Sports get its name?
4/2/2011 Short and Sweet Commonwealth Court says no to Archbishop Duncan.
4/4/2011 Stepping Back and Viewing the Forest The Presiding Bishop demolishes the argument against female bishops in the Church of England.
4/8/2011 The Covenant and the Archbishop The Archbishop has too much power, and the Covenant will give him even more.
4/9/2011 A View from Nigeria The original purpose of the Covenant has been compromised, but the agreement is still dangerous.
4/25/2011 Breakfast of Champions “Wheaties” seems very old fashioned.
5/1/2011 Bin Laden Dead An immediate reaction to the dramatic news.
5/6/2011 Ugly Time publishes a particularly ugly page.
5/14/2011 Socks An ambitious laundry project.
5/14/2011 Abortion Vulnerability Should women really be described as “abortion-vulnerable”?
5/15/2011 The Bishop Search Comes to St. Paul’s The Nomination Committee seeking candidates for the next Bishop of Pittsburgh came to my parish today to sample parishioner views on attributes needed in our next bishop.
5/16/2011 Growth of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Does it make sense to take in parishes far away?
5/27/2011 Getting the National Anthem Right An inspiring rendition at Wrigley Field
5/31/2011 A Critique of Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Anglican Covenant - Part 1 The first three sections of the Anglican Covenant are not innocuous. (First of two parts)
6/1/2011 A Critique of Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Anglican Covenant - Part 2 The first three sections of the Anglican Covenant are not innocuous. (Second of two parts)
6/5/2011 Covenant Musings Learning about the Covenant. What should the 2012 General Convention do?
6/7/2011 Barnett-Cowan, Covenant Advocate Director for Unity, Faith and Order of the Anglican Communion Office wants an Anglican Covenant to establish a worldwide church.
6/7/2011 San Joaquin Authorizes Same-sex Blessings The title says it all.
6/8/2011 All about Scott Lively The Public Eye profiles a famous homophobic activist.
6/9/2011 Hope Fulfilled? Maybe Not Can jazz on the radio be saved in Pittsburgh?
6/14/2011 We? For whom does Rowan speak?
6/14/2011 Flag Day Thoughts Flag Day is a good time to reconsider the Pledge of Allegiance.
6/14/2011 Compact Fluorescent Lifetimes These lamps do not seem to last as long as they are supposed to.
6/17/2011 Repaving of Rockwood Avenue I begin showing pictures of the repaving being done on my street.
6/17/2011 Canadian Report Proves Text of Covenant Sucks Canadian report exposes Covenant as incompetently written
6/20/2011 Let the Mystery Be More Christians should be listening to Iris DeMent.
6/20/2011 Pittsburgh Diocese Unexcited by Covenant Pittsburgh Episcopalians have discussed the Anglican Covenant but don’t seem too excited about it.
6/21/2011 Release the Report Executive Council should release the report from the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons.
6/22/2011 Clatworthy Trashes Covenant Introduction Someone finally takes on the Introduction to the Anglican Covenant.
6/23/2011 The Anglican Mission in England The Church of England is about to experience the subversion that beset The Episcopal Church with the help of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
6/25/2011 Report Released Executive Council releases SCCC report
6/25/2011 Gazpacho Indulging in a summer treat
6/27/2011 Analysis of the Report from the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons My take on the report of SCCC on the consequences of adopting the Anglican Covenant
6/30/2011 Third Congregation Settles with Episcopal Diocese St. James, Penn Hills, turns over its keys.
6/30/2011 New WDUQ Schedule A first take on the new schedule for Pittsburgh’s 90.5 FM
7/3/2011 St. James’ Episcopal Church Returns I attend an Episcopal Church service at St. James’, Penn Hills
7/5/2011 Alvarez Grounded One bad paragraph from the Post-Gazette
7/5/2011 New Aphorism I’ve added a new aphorism to my collection.
7/6/2011 No Anglican Covenant Coalition Names Episcopal Patrons Two retired English bishops take a public stand against the Anglican Covenant.
7/7/2011 The Debt Ceiling Crisis Opinions from Jim Wallis and me
7/7/2011 Groupthink and Courage Jim Beyer explains support for the Anglican Covenant.
7/11/2011 Buy Merchandise before Price Increase Apprel prices are about to increase at the Farrago Gift Shop.
7/12/2011 Clarifying the Rules For Western churches to adopt the Anglican Covenant simply makes no sense.
7/13/2011 More Aphorisms Two more aphorisms for my collection
7/14/2011 Gay Rights Worldwide Professor Jonathan Zimmerman pains a bleak picture.
7/15/2011 Arguments for the Covenant A contest is on for the best essay favoring the Anglican Covenant.
7/17/2011 Zucchini Improving my zucchini recipe
7/19/2011 Everything You Need to Know about the Anglican Covenant on One Page The No Anglican Covenant Coalition publishes a one-page handout to educate people about the Anglican Covenant.
7/24/2011 St. James’ Update Report on a meeting at St. James’, Penn Hills
7/29/2011 Activism I participate in a demonstration.
8/1/2011 Thought for August 1, 2011 A bad day for Democrats
8/2/2011 Thought for August 2, 2011 Another aphorism inspired by the debt ceiling resolution
8/3/2011 David Wilson Complains, Warns David Wilson is disappointed in his former colleagues.
8/3/2011 Thought for August 4, 2011 A possible explanation for today’s stock market decline
8/5/2011 Phrases That Don’t Bear Thinking About Many English phrases don’t really make a lot of sense.
8/9/2011 Thieving Thief and steal are curious companions.
8/10/2011 A Wonderful Day at St. James The bishop’s visit is a triumph.
8/15/2011 Horseshoe Curve A nice photograph resulted from my trip to the railroad landmark.
8/19/2011 Let’s You and Him Fight Another (and, I hope, final) response to David Wilson.
8/21/2011 The Logic of the (Self-)Right(eous) Stephen Noll’s goofy logic.
8/21/2011 A Morning of Worship in Northern Cambria I report on my visit to St. Thomas Episcopal Church in North Cambria.
8/22/2011 But Is It Oatmeal? Chick-fil-A oatmeal contains some surprising ingredients.
8/24/2011 The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism Is Nasty and Wrong David Virtue attacks the negotiating strategy of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
8/26/2011 Diocesan Profile Posted The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh posted its diocesan profile for its bishop search late yesterday.
8/27/2011 A Closer Look at Pittsburgh’s Diocesan Profile An obsessive look at the profile from the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
9/1/2011 Worthwhile Pro-Covenant Essays Announcing a page of links to pro-Covenant essays from The Living Church.
9/2/2011 Our Pittsburgh Diocese Bruce Robison and I are introducing a new blog for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
9/2/2011 Oops! The look of the blog has changed, but not the content. More changes will be coming.
9/2/2011 How Is It Now? Most of the functionality of the blog has been restored, and some new features have been added.
9/3/2011 Not There Yet! A problem remains with the list of recent posts, but just about everything else on the blog seems to be working.
9/4/2011 The New Normal Tweaking the design of this blog is now over for the time being.
9/4/2011 All Saints, Wherever The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is about to have another property returned.
9/5/2011 A Labor Day Lament A poem for Labor Day
9/5/2011 A Labor Day Tale A dispute at McDonald’s
9/7/2011 I Don’t Know, and I Don’t Want to Know Department Rick Perry and science
9/7/2011 An Opportunity for Michele Bachmann How will Michele attack Rick Perry?
9/9/2011 A Labor Day Lament, Version 2 A second try at poetic perfection
9/11/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 1 Beginning a series revisiting things I wrote in response to the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks
9/12/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 2 Second installment of my 9/11 review
9/13/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 3 Third installment of my 9/11 review
9/14/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 4 Fourth installment of my 9/11 review
9/14/2011 Political Reasoning: Often Not Very Smart Change may be necessary, but the wrong change can be worse than no change at all.
9/14/2011 Rockwood Avenue Repaved The project is done. (Well, almost!)
9/15/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 5 Fifth installment of my 9/11 review
9/16/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 6 Sixth installment of my 9/11 review
9/16/2011 WDUQ-FM Becomes WESA-FM Station adopts call letters of a former FM station
9/17/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 7 Seventh installment of my 9/11 review
9/18/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 8 Eighth installment of my 9/11 review
9/19/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 9 Ninth installment of my 9/11 review
9/19/2011 Trash Disposal Chick-fil-A’s hole isn’t big enough.
9/20/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 10 Tenth installment of my 9/11 review
9/20/2011 Don’t Know, Don’t Care Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is dead.
9/21/2011 Looking Back to 9/11, Part 11 Eleventh and final installment of my 9/11 review.
9/21/2011 A Proposed Resolution for General Convention 2012 How should The Episcopal Church respond to the challenge of the Anglican Covenant?
9/22/2011 On Being “Anglican” “Anglican” does not have a single meaning.
9/23/2011 Episcopal Church Style Guide Observations on the recent Episcopal Church publication
9/25/2011 Victoria Matthews on the Covenant Magical thinking about the Covenant from New Zealand
9/28/2011 A Revised Proposal for General Convention 2012 A second try at proposing a resolution to deal with the Anglican Covenant and with the Anglican Communion itself.
9/30/2011 Connecticut Supreme Court Rules against Groton Church The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that the property of Bishop Seabury Church belongs to the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut.
10/2/2011 Object Lesson Prohibition and the Anglican Covenant have much in common.
10/8/2011 I Told You So It is no surprise that charges of abandonment have been brought against Bishop Mark Lawrence.
10/18/2011 Pa. High Court Rejects Duncan Appeal The stipulation stands in the Calvary lawsuit.
10/20/2011 Winemaking at Adams County Winery My son shows how it’s done.
10/21/2011 Pittsburgh Property Update Reflecting on a letter from Bishop Price
10/25/2011 Just the Facts The Wall Street Journal and The Episcopal Church lock horns. Everybody looses.
10/26/2011 P-G: No Supreme Court Appeal The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the defendants will not appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Calvary litigation.
10/29/2011 Waldo on Lawrence Bishop W. Andrew Waldo has written something of a defense of Bishop Mark Lawrence. Waldo missed the mark.
10/30/2011 Improving Toilet Paper Is the standard roll of toilet paper the best product we can come up with?
10/30/2011 Engineer for an Hour Playing engineer on the East Broad Top
11/7/2011 Convention Report The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh holds its 146th annual convention.
11/13/2011 A Matter of Mottos Should “In God we trust” really be our national motto?
11/15/2011 Does Anyone at WESA Know How to Run a Radio Station? The new radio station idoes not seem to be operated well.
11/19/2011 Farrago Updates Announcing additions to pages on my Web site.
11/20/2011 A Program for All Pennsylvanians This American Life looks at gas drilling in Pennsylvania.
11/24/2011 Thanksgiving A reprint of my poem from 2002
11/30/2011 Cute Corporate Addresses Companies with custom addresses
11/30/2011 Rowan’s Advent Letter Canterbury takes another opportunity to hype the Anglican Covenant.
12/1/2011 Whither South Carolina? What can The Episcopal Church do about the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina?
12/2/2011 Mary Roehrich on South Carolina A guest commentary on the situation in the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
12/4/2011 A Hymn for John the Baptist A hymn from Harold Lewis
12/7/2011 Reciprocity A new poem
12/12/2011 Semi-boneless Does it have bones or not?
12/14/2011 Changes Needed in the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church Ideas resulting from observations of the church for many years
12/15/2011 United States–Iraq War Ends Questions at the end of an era
12/16/2011 Trinity Cathedral Casts Its Lot with TEC Pittsburgh’s cathedral returns to being only an Episcopal cathedral.
12/19/2011 Dioceses React to Trinity Cathedral Decision Episcopal and Anglican dioceses comment on Trinity Cathedral decision
1/2/2012 Running the Government Like a Business What does the promise to run the government like a business really mean?
1/3/2012 Rick Santorum for President Go for it, Republicans.
1/7/2012 A Response to the Jeremy Bonner Narrative of the Trinity Cathedral Decision Correcting some distortions about the decision of Trinity Cathedral to be exclusively Episcopal
1/15/2012 Pittsburgh Episcopal Candidates Announced Four candidates nominated as the next Bishop of Pittsburgh have been announced.
1/23/2012 Where Oh Where Has My ENS Story Gone? Frustration with the ENS site design and with communications at the Episcopal Church Center
1/28/2012 A (Very) Close Look at Doll’s Pro-Covenat Essay A detailed analysis of a pro-Covenant paper recently sent by the Archbishop of Canterbury to Church of England bishops
1/31/2012 Anglican? Mission in the Americas Thoughts on the AMiA meltdown
2/1/2012 Thinking about Sex outside the Box A helpful graphic about our gender/sexual identity
2/6/2012 Cat Owners Unite! Doritos Super Bowl commercial was offensive.
2/6/2012 What About Iran? We should not let Israel determine U.S. policy.
2/11/2012 Obama and the Contraceptive Mandate Obama is showing some welcome determination. Let’s see more of it.
2/13/2012 Pearl of Wisdom for 2/13/2012 Paul Krugman explains the Tea Party phenomenon.
2/14/2012 Pittsburghers Nominate Episcopal Candidate by Petition Unwelcome development in the search for the next Bishop of Pittsburgh
2/17/2012 Unhelpful Another example of The Episcopal Church’s not getting things right on its Web site
2/18/2012 Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! More Church of England dioceses reject the Anglican Covenant
2/18/2012 Thought for 2/18/2012—Take 1 Reflection on the conflict between Obama and the Catholic Bishops
2/18/2012 Thought for 2/18/2012—Take 2 Another take on the conflict between Obama and the Catholic Bishops
2/19/2012 Trinity Cathedral Shows Its Colors Trinity gets new signs
2/20/2012 Additional Thoughts on an Internal Episcopal Candidate for Pittsburgh Electing a bishop from within a diocese may not be bad in general, but it would be a mistake for Pittsburgh in 2012.
2/21/2012 A New Player in Town There is now a Web site favoring adoption of the Anglican Communion (other than the Anglican Communion site, of course).
2/23/2012 As Oil Prices Rise … Obama can’t win.
3/1/2012 Diocese Announces Candidates The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has announced the full slate of episcopal candidates and released more information about them.
3/1/2012 Time Off for Good Behavior IASCUFO consultants are rehabilitated.
3/3/2012 Diocesan Leadership Day Among other things, the diocese considers questions to ask the episcopal candidates.
3/10/2012 What If England Votes Against the Covenant? What would it mean if Church of England dioceses vote against returning Covenant adoption to the General Synod?
3/13/2012 Candidate Résumés Posted The Diocese of Pittsburgh has released résumés of episcopal candidates.
3/13/2012 Late Winter Evening on the Deck Photos from a clear night
3/16/2012 Goodbye, Rowan Initial thoughts on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s retirement announcement
3/19/2012 Questions for Episcopal Candidates Announced Some thoughts on questions all candidates to be the next Bishop of Pittsburgh will answer
3/21/2012 Walkabout Reflections A report from an evening with the Pittsburgh episcopal candidates
3/24/2012 VE Day Church of England dioceses reject the Anglican Covenant
3/24/2012 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive; Ig-Nore the In-Con-Ve-Ni-Ent Anglican Communion News Service serves up propaganda
3/26/2012 Peters Township Property to be Returned to Episcopal Diocese St. David’s to be returned to the Episcopal diocese
3/27/2012 Episcopal Election Procedures for Pittsburgh Clarification of the rules for the upcoming episcopal election
3/28/2012 Musings on the Candidacy of the Rev. Canon Scott Quinn Scott Quinn is the wrong person to be our next bishop.
3/31/2012 Missing the Point The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette neglects to explain to readers just who Bishop Frank Lyons is.
4/1/2012 Whither the Communion? What is the Anglican Communion really for, and is the Anglican Covenant needed for that?
4/10/2012 A Twitter Poem A poem in 138 characters
4/11/2012 On Giving Advice about the Next Archbishop of Canterbury The request for comments on the next Archbishop of Canterbury may not be an altogether good sign.
4/12/2012 More Analysis of the Pittsburgh Episcopal Candidates A look at some of the more objective measures of the candidates
4/14/2012 An Episcopal Bridge Too Far Bishop Price signs on to a controversial statement
4/15/2012 A Final Look at Our Episcopal Candidates A closer look at the candidates
4/20/2012 Advice to the Crown Nominations Commission What I said about the selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury
4/20/2012 “Discussing” the Candidates A not completely successful forum on the candidates to be the eighth Bishop of Pittsburgh
4/22/2012 Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: How Not to Elect a Bishop A reflection on the Pittsburgh episcopal election
4/25/2012 Bumper Sticker Riposte A response to a Roman Catholic bumper sticker
4/27/2012 No Anglican Covenant Coalition Offers Model Covenant Resolution for General Convention An explanation of the resolution the No Anglican Covenant Coalition would like to see the 2012 General Convention pass
4/30/2012 Does Congress Need a More Anglican Approach? Anglicanism could be a good guide for Congress
4/30/2012 Let the Confessing Anglicans Confess—Somewhere Else Communion and the unity of the Anglican Communion
4/30/2012 Making Commenting Easier Changes to the blog should make leaving comments less burdensome.
5/8/2012 Is It Possible to Reject the Anglican Covenant? Saying no definitively may not be so easy.
5/13/2012 Three Silly Poems Some humorous verse
5/15/2012 Changes Coming to Pittsburgh Diocese News about Calvary and St. David’s
5/15/2012 PEP Meets with Bishop-Elect Dorsey McConnell attends a meeting of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh.
5/24/2012 What to Do about Pakistan? Is it time to change our relationship to Pakistan?
5/24/2012 What’s Wrong with My Oxalis? Can someone help me get rid of those white spots?
5/27/2012 Pentecost at St. David’s Report on the first day of St. David’s, Peters Township, as a restored parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
6/5/2012 Thoughts on the Standing Committee Meeting Perhaps some actions of interest actually did occur at the Standing Committee meeting.
6/7/2012 A Comparison of General Convention Resolutions on the Anglican Covenant Analysis of the seven resolutions on the Covenant thus far offered for consideration by the General Convention
6/10/2012 Fosdick, Again It’s time to reread Harry Emerson Fosdick’s “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?”
6/14/2012 Uganda: Another Reason the Anglican Covenant Makes No Sense Maybe Anglican churches don’t have that much in common.
6/21/2012 June 21, 1788, and the Anglican Covenant The process for adopting the Anglican Covenant is ill-conceived.
6/22/2012 Help the No Anglican Covenant Coalition Tell Its Message at General Convention The No Anglican Covenant Coalition needs money to tell its story at General Convention.
6/26/2012 Getting Ready for General Convention General Convention starts next week.
6/28/2012 Alternatives to “No” The Anglican Covenant is a pig in a poke. A simple “No” is the right answer.
6/28/2012 A Letter from Pittsburgh’s Bishop-elect A disappointing missive from Dorsey McConnell.
7/1/2012 Oxalis Healed My Oxalis problem seems to be solved.
7/3/2012 Off to General Convention Tomorrow, I go to Indianapolis to attend General Convention.
7/5/2012 New Anglican Covenant Resolution Offered D046 declares adoption question moot.
7/6/2012 Covenant Resolutions Under Consideration First report from the legislative subcommittee considering resolutions related to the Anglican Covenant
7/6/2012 Friday AM Report on Covenant Discussion Second report from the legislative subcommittee considering resolutions related to the Anglican Covenant
7/7/2012 Hearing Report Report on the public hearing on Anglican Covenant resolutions
7/7/2012 Yet Another Covenant Resolution at General Convention Resolution C115 seeks more study of the Covenant.
7/8/2012 Subcommittee Meeting This Afternoon Will the testimony at the open hearing have much influence on the legislative subcommittee?
7/8/2012 Observations and Thoughts about the Legislative Progress of the Anglican Covenant Resolutions The legislative subcommittee seems determined to duck the Covenant-adoption issue.
7/9/2012 Legislative Committee Finishes Work on Anglican Covenant The legislative subcommittee reports out a resolution in support of the Anglican Covenant and another declaring that we cannot make a decision about the Anglican Covenant now.
7/9/2012 Revised B005 and D008 Resolutions Available The resolutions from the subcommittee are now available to be read.
7/18/2012 Are We Preserving or Obscuring General Convention Legislative History? The General Convention Web site is not all it could be.
7/20/2012 Legislative Action on the Anglican Covenant: Narrative and Analysis What happened on the floor of the House of Deputies and why.
7/21/2012 Showing the Flag at General Convention The No Anglican Covenant Coalition display in the General Convention exhibit area
7/24/2012 The Quecreek Mine Disaster My poem about the Quecreek accident and mine rescue that began 10 years ago
8/1/2012 Uneven Bars Some history and perspective on the uneven bars
8/1/2012 Sarah Hughes Reprise The greatest Olympic performance I have ever seen was turned in 10 years ago.
8/2/2012 “Forcasted” What is the past tense of forecast?
8/3/2012 New Way of Allocating Deputies to be Proposed The Committee on Constitution and Canons will propose a new way of allocating convention deputies to parishes.
8/3/2012 Chick-fil-A News and comment from the culture wars
8/5/2012 Reviewing the 77th General Convention Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s analysis is a bit too rosy.
8/7/2012 Why Don’t Evangelicals Embrace Regulation? If people are sinful, why not try to ameliorate sin’s evil effects?
8/11/2012 Romney Makes His Choice Thoughts on Paul Ryan
8/11/2012 Thoughts on Mark Harris’s “Last Thoughts” A response to Mark Harris’s explanation of how adoption of the Anglican Covenant was dealt with at General Convention
8/12/2012 Bumper Sticker What a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker ought to be
8/14/2012 You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide Romney cannot distance himself from the Ryan budget.
8/16/2012 The Party Is Over Read from Mike Lofgren’s new book on American politics.
8/23/2012 Bumper Sticker Version 2 A bumper stick to promote Romney’s energy plan
8/24/2012 The Library up the Street A mini library comes to the neighborhood.
9/2/2012 A Preëmptive Political Post Truths for the 2012 presidential campaign
9/3/2012 A Sill Relevant Labor Day Poem My 2011 labor day poem is particularly relevant in this election year.
9/7/2012 Words as Weapons Thoughts about political rhetoric
9/9/2012 St. David’s Community Cookout A church newly returned to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh holds a successful event.
9/10/2012 Bird Feeder Claims First Victim A bird died at my bird feeder.
9/15/2012 If You Just Tuned In A sentence one hears on the radio all the time is silly.
9/15/2012 God and the Pennsylvania Constitution The Pennsylvania constitution discriminates against non-Christians.
9/19/2012 Thoughts on the Struggle to Allow Women Bishops in England It is not at all clear what the effect of General Synod’s approving the women bishops legislation will be.
9/20/2011 Where Have All the Comments Gone? Why don’t readers leave more comments on this blog?
9/23/2012 Why We Need a Businessman in the White House Carrying Romney’s statements to their illogical conclusions
9/28/2012 Paying the Water Bill I stumble across an ongoing denial of service attack.
9/30/2012 Biblical Marriage “Biblical marriage” is nonsensical.
9/30/2012 Thoughts on Choosing an Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams handled his job badly. The Church of England should concentrate on its own needs.
10/1/2012 A Tribute to the Prices Joan Gundersen offers lyrics to a hymn in tribute to Pittsburgh’s retiring provisional bishop and his wife.
10/5/2012 Why Not Practice? Did the President not thake the first debate seriously enough?
10/7/2012 Is This Apostrophe Really Necessary? Why is there an apostrophe in the Oakland Athletics’ logo?
10/11/2012 GS 1878 Thoughts on the Church of England’s report to General Synod concerning the referral to the dioceses of the motion to adopt the Anglican Covenant
10/11/2012 A Close Call My bird feeder almost claims another victim.
10/15/2012 The Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship Agreement Thoughts on the arrangement between Pittsburgh Episcopalians and “Anglicans.”
10/18/2012 An Election Proposal Allowing early voting without too many disadvantages
10/23/2012 Support for Democrats: A Clarification Why I’ll not vote for any Republicans
10/25/2012 Don’t Show Your ID When You Vote in Pennsylvania Protesting the Pennsylvania voter ID law
11/2/2012 Living in Safety Bishop Victoria Matthews misses the real problem with the Anglican Covenant.
11/4/2012 Campaign Rallies What is the point of campaign rallies?
11/4/2012 Mendacious Mitt Do we want to elect a liar?
11/6/2012 Vote Today is the day.
11/6/2012 Primer How do you pronounce primer?
11/8/2012 The Dog That Didn’t Bark The Anglican Consultative Council takes no action on the Anglican Covenant.
11/9/2012 Two Language Observations Thoughts about language from the world of politics
11/9/2012 Facing the Republicans A random encounter with two Republicans
11/11/2012 Hope for the New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the next Archbishop of Canterbury, might just be a welcome change from Rowan Williams.
11/16/2012 Deconstruction? Does one actually deconstruct a building?
11/17/2012 The Deimel Conjecture My work with digital invariants leaves a nagging question unanswered.
11/20/2012 Church of England Rejects Women Bishops Legislation The women bishops measure fails to pass in the General Synod.
11/23/2012 Friendship A poem about Facebook and friendship
11/26/2012 Further Thoughts on the Church of England’s Failure to Authorize Women Bishops Analysis of the failure of the women bishops measure in the General Synod
11/29/2012 In (Rare) Praise of Rowan Williams The Archbishop of Canterbury defends his actions and suggests possibilities for the future of the Anglican Communion.
12/4/2012 “Hawk!” the Herald Angels Sing A parody of a Christmas hymn
12/7/2012 Blog Updates Recent blog improvements
12/9/2012 “Jingle Bells” Misunderstood Who knew that “Jingle Bells” and “Dashing Through the Snow” were the same song?
12/12/2012 TSM and The Episcopal Church Should Trinity School for Ministry really be considered an Episcopal seminary?
12/14/2012 Right to Work Michigan screws unions.
12/16/2012 For Gwen A poem for Gwen Santiago’s ordination
12/19/2012 Whither Sandy Hook Elementary? What should be done with the school building that was the site of the latest gun massacre?
12/19/2012 Café au Lait Enjoying New Orleans coffee.
1/3/2013 Patti Page RIP The world loses a fine singer.
1/12/2013 Air Force Women Should women in the Air Force really be called female airmen?
1/15/2013 Days for Baptisms Another reason for restricting the opportunities for performing baptisms.
1/16/2013 On Expanding the First Amendment Strategy of the religious Right
1/17/2013 A Contribution to the Gun Discussion Thoughts on the regulation of firearms
1/21/2013 Second Inauguration A poem for the second inauguration of Barack Obama
1/24/2013 Spiking Down the Pages A good use for a railroad spike
1/27/2013 Week of Prayer for Christian Diversity A new Christian celebration
1/30/2013 More on Christian Diversity Thoughts on and resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Diversity
2/2/2013 Changes to Lionel Deimel’s Farrago A description of my updated Web site
2/3/2013 God and Gender/Sex Inclusive language and The Episcopal Church
2/4/2013 Gun Registration A graphic making fun of the NRA
2/5/2013 Seeing the Future Clearly Why have the lessons of Pittsburgh not been applied in South Carolina?
2/6/2013 Unity vs. Justice Will the Church of England do the right thing respecting women bishops?
2/6/2013 ? An old, unfinished poem
2/7/2013 Calvary Wonderland Another old poem; this one a musical parody for a cold snap at a summer camp
2/8/2013 Resolution 1 Again Another look at a critical resolution in the history of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
2/10/2013 Does Barnes & Noble Have Its Nook Support Together? A sad tale of poor tech support
2/12/2013 Good for Benedict! Pope Benedict XVI is right to retire.
2/15/2013 The Peaceable Kingdom Peace and vegetarianism
2/17/2013 Persons of the Trinity “Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier” goes back a long way.
2/20/2013 Understanding the Links An explanation of the material in the right column of the blog
2/24/2013 A Challenge to Organist/Composers A suggestion for a suite of brief organ meditations
2/25/2013 “Episcopal” vs. “Episcopalian” How are these words properly used?
2/27/2013 Another Shrinking Container The Heinz 40-ounce ketchup bottle has been transformed in to a 38-ounce ketchup bottle.
3/5/2013 The Episcopal Diocese Strikes Back Bishop vonRosenberg has sued Mark Lawrence in federal court.
3/13/2013 A Disappointing Message The message resulting from the retreat of Episcopal bishops in underwhelming.
3/14/2013 Thoughts on the New Pope The choice of Pope Francis is a mixed blessing.
3/17/2013 Not Ready for Prime Time? Justin Welby gives a bad interview.
3/23/2013 A Day of Dialogue Report on my participation in the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s  sexuality dialogue.
3/29/2013 A PEP Address and Readings on Homosexuality The April 29 PEP meeting will feature a talk on homosexuality. Some background reading is suggested.
3/30/2013 South Carolina Update Episcopalians have filed responses and counterclaims to the Lawrence lawsuit in state court.
4/2/2013 Whither the Sexuality Dialogue? People are beginning to worry about the diocese’s sexuality dialogue.
4/4/2013 Googling Maybe a new word isn’t so new.
4/5/2013 Rules Have Reasons Beginning a sentence with a number can lead to misreading.
4/5/2013 Was León’s Sermon Inappropriate? Did a sermon heard by President Obama attack the religious right?
4/12/2013 Remembering the Bad Ol’ Days An old essay from Harold Lewis suggests how the diocese was run under deposed bishop Robert Duncan.
4/14/2013 Democracy in the Diocese of Pittsburgh More about what happened in the diocese in 2004. The church should take a lesson from the Pittsburgh experience.
4/21/2013 The Ground Game Are Mark Lawrence and his allies better at public relations than are Episcopalians?
4/21/2013 Scots Engage Marriage Questions Seriously The Scottish Episcopal Church issues an excellent essay on marriage.
4/23/2013 Time to Sign Up Pittsburgh Episcopalians can now sign up to be part of the sexuality dialogue.
4/28/2013 Click to Help Repair Washington National Cathedral On-line voting can help repair Washington National Cathedral.
5/1/2013 A Teenager’s Sermon My youthful sermon.
5/1/2013 Wash Prom A photo from college days at the University of Chicago.
5/13/2013 The United States of Conspiracy Crazy things some Americans believe
5/17/2013 Jabberwocky Enjoy a choral rendition of the famous Lewis Carroll poem.
5/24/2013 A Letter to the Editor about Pope Girl I weigh in on a free speech controversy.
5/26/2013 Trinity Sunday Comma Problem For lack of commas, the collect for Trinity Sunday is subject to misreading.
5/26/2013 More Thoughts on the Collect for Trinity Sunday More problems with the Trinity Sunday collect
5/27/2013 Sport Participants What people are called who play a given sport
6/1/2013 Calvary Church Releases Parish Profile An important Pittsburgh church is seeking a new rector.
6/1/2013 A St. Andrew’s Singalong Singers try out new acoustics at St. Andrew’s, Highland Park.
6/6/2013 Let’s Get Real about Same-sex Marriage Why the religious arguments against same-sex marriage are not very convincing.
6/10/2013 Pope Girl Update A sad free-speech incident comes to an end.
6/15/2013 An Opportunity for the USPS The Postal Service could profitably emphasize the privacy of first class mail in light of government monitoring of other communication channels.
6/15/2013 A New Web Site for the Anglican Communion The new Web site of Anglican Communion News Service is a welcome addition to the Anglican region of the World Wide Web.
6/18/2013 State of the Diocese of Pittsburgh Report on a Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh panel discussion
6/18/2013 Duncan on the State of ACNA Thoughts about Archbishop Duncan’s state of the church address to ACNA
6/19/2013 Cathy Brall to Leave Trinity Cathedral Cathy becomes Canon Missioner for the diocese on July 1.
6/22/2013 Back Together Lyrics for a song I composed for a songwriting course
6/23/2013 Hockenberry Leaves Diocese The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has lost its treasurer.
6/26/2013 On Today’s Supreme Court Decisions A first response to the DOMA and Prop 8 opinions
6/26/2013 Catholic Bishops Offer Their Wisdom The Catholic bishops and their take on the DOMA and Prop 8 opinions
6/28/2013 More on the (Partial) Demise of DOMA Thoughts on the campaign for marriage equality and on the media coverage of it
6/28/2013 The Wisdom of Robert Duncan Analysis of Archbishop Duncan’s statement on DOMA
7/2/2013 Trouble in the Anglican World: A Pittsburgh Perspective A view from Pittsburgh in February 2004.
7/4/2013 Independence Day Stuff About “The Star-Spangled Banner” and other matters
7/10/2013 Who Can Be President of the Pittsburgh Standing Committee? A layperson should be able to become president of the Pittsburgh Standing Committee.
7/14/2013 Jesus (or Luke) Got It Wrong The parable of the good Samaritan is more complicated than you think.
7/14/2013 Revised Pittsburgh Proposals Proposals for changes to the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s constitution and canons
7/19/2013 The Rolling Stone Uproar The reaction to the cover photo of the August 1 issue of Rolling Stone is overblown.
7/24/2013 Bishop Nazir-Ali Gets It All Wrong I disagree with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali about Mark Lawrence and GAFCON (among other things).
7/28/2013 Terms of Use Netflix wants me to review its Terms of Use, a very big task.
7/30/2013 An Anglican Milestone The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh is approaching only its fifth anniversary.
7/30/2013 Why Hasn’t Abortion Become More Acceptable? Will we need Abortion Pride parades for abortion to become more widely accepted?
7/30/2013 Slash and Backslash A slash is only a slash.
8/6/2013 A View of the Sexuality Dialogue Jason Togyer offers his take on the Diocese of Pittsburgh sexuality dialogue.
8/14/2013 Keuka Spring Vineyards 2012 Riesling Wins Governor’s Cup My winemaker son’s wine is declared the best wine in New York state.
8/23/2013 St. Paul’s to Be Movie Location The Fault in Our Stars will be shot, in part, at my church.
8/25/2013 One-Nothing The use of “nothing” in baseball scores is odd.
9/3/2013 Turbine A poem inspired by wind turbines.
9/11/2013 Remembering 9/11 My poem about what it must have been like to be in the World Trade Center towers 12 years ago
9/28/2013 Preëmptive Resolution Presented to Board of Old St. Luke’s A proposal was put before the board of Old St. Luke’s that would have prohibited same-sex ceremonies in the church.
10/2/2013 The Missionary Society What is “The Missionary Society” initiative of The Episcopal Church all about?
10/8/2013 A Final (?) Hymn Revision Another revision of “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation”
10/9/2013 Government by Morons A graphic commentary on a dysfunctional Congress
10/10/2013 Convention Journals Properation for this year’s diocesan convention seems especially disorganized.
10/15/2013 Kicking the Can down the Road The bishop delays his sexuality decisions yet again.
10/16/2013 Having It Both Ways Whis Hays tries to live in two incompatible churches.
10/21/2013 Convention Questions Questions from Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
10/24/2013 In Need of a Ministry of Presence Is the new Bishop of Pittsburgh gone too often?
10/24/2013 A New Hymn: Holy Eucharist My latest hymn
10/26/2013 GAFCON Declares War on the Anglican Communion GAFCON II concludes with a communiqué and commitment.
10/28/2013 Gene Robinson to Visit Pittsburgh Gene Robinson will visit a Presbyterian church, but not an Episcopal one.
10/29/2013 Having It Both Ways, Take 2 Paul Johnston also has his feet in two churches.
10/29/2013 Pray-ers Dealing with the possible ambiguity of “prayers”
11/3/2013 Whis Hays Update Whis Hays did not stand for election in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh after all.
11/8/2013 Observations on the Diocesan Convention (Part 1) Reflections on the mechanics of the 2013 annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
11/8/2013 Observations on the Diocesan Convention (Part 2) Reflections on the remarks of Anne Rudig.
11/8/2013 Observations on the Diocesan Convention (Part 3) Analysis of the bishop’s address
11/9/2013 Observations on the Diocesan Convention (Part 4) Thoughts about the canonical change process
11/13/2013 Leaving Comments Advice for those having trouble leaving comments on the blog
11/18/2013 The Clock Is Ticking Will Bishop McConnell finally announce his decisions regarding same-sex blessings and ordination of persons in committed same-sex partnerships this week?
11/19/2013 Sheet Music Available for “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation” My text for “Earth and All Stars” is now easier for congregations to use.
11/22/2013 Still Ticking The diocese is still awaiting word from Bishop McConnell.
11/22/2013 Realign with Me A look back at a song parody.
11/26/2013 Three Cheers for Bishop McConnell Bishop McConnell’s pastoral letter was worth waiting for.
11/27/2013 Wallet Woes A cautionary tale involving a wallet and an MRI machine
11/27/2013 Thoughts on the Duncan Statement A critique of Bob Duncan’s remarks on Bishop McConnell’s pastoral letter
11/28/2013 Thanksgiving My traditional Thanksgiving poem
12/1/2013 Where Were You? I’ve revised one of my songs.
12/4/2013 Tunnel vs. Tunnels Why is “Liberty Tunnels” plural?
12/5/2013 Duncan Speaks Again This time, Bob Duncan is criticizing a Church of England report.
12/7/2013 More Mispronunciations Problems in The Sound of Music
12/8/2013 St. David’s Update St. David’s, Peters Township, is doing well.
12/12/2013 Back Together Announcing the latest song on my Web site
12/16/2013 Lessons and Carols at St. Andrew’s Delights and frustrations of a reader
12/23/2013 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, 2013 My annual Christmas poem
12/24/2013 A Bizarre Parkway Experience A motoring experience for which I have no explanation
12/31/2013 Merry Christmas? People can’t believe it’s still Christmas.
1/8/2014 Grumpy Tuesday About the Diocese of Pittsburgh Web site, mostly
1/9/2014 Making Friends with the New Kitties Progress report on my relationship with Charlie and Linus.
1/10/2014 A Thought about the George Washington Bridge Scandal We can only hope that Chris Christie’s presidential prospects are in the toilet, where they belong.
1/29/2014 PEP Writes to the Archbishop Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh has written a strong letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
2/6/2014 Three Messages about Anti-gay Legislation Anglican leaders make statements that are poles apart.
2/19/2014 PEP Meeting Focuses on Leadership Formation Information about February 24 meeting of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
2/19/2014 A Few Problems with the Pastoral Guidance from Church of England Bishops Worrisome features of the pastoral guidance regarding same-sex marriage
2/23/2014 Premiere of “Holy Eucharist” Recording of the first performance of my new hymn
2/26/2014 Some Initial Thoughts on the TREC Study Paper on Governance and Administration My reaction to recommendations related to the General Convention
3/1/2014 Cardinals I recorded two cardinals apparently calling to one another.
3/6/2014 Is the Primate of the Church of Uganda Threatening the Church of England? Archbishop Stanley Ntagali seems to be threatening to distance the Church of Uganda from the Church of England.
3/8/2014 History by the Side of the Road Can we better communicate the information on historical markers?
3/15/2014 A Tale of Two Litigants The Virginia diocese and The Falls Church Anglican offer different messenges in response to the recent Supreme Court decision in favor of the diocese.
3/17/2014 Line Breaks in the BCP’s Rendering of the Nicene Creed Are we reading the creed correctly from the prayer book?
3/24/2014 Evaluating the TREC Study Paper on Networks A critical look at TREC’s study paper on Episcopal networks.
3/30/2014 Gator A lifelike sculpture at Allegheny College
3/31/2014 An Interesting Argument against Creationism Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a gentle attack on creationism in episode 4 of Cosmos
4/4/2014 National Poetry Month 2014 The National Poetry Month poster for 2014 and an invitation to read my poems
4/6/2014 Whither Welby? The Archbishop of Canterbury appears on a radio call-in program.
4/12/2014 The Most Popular Post My most seemingly popular post deserves more attention.
4/14/2014 Reform Not all change is reform.
4/28/2014 Undocumented “Undocumented immigrant” does not seem quite right.
5/2/2014 African-American “African-American” is not a good synonym for “black.”
5/4/2014 A Challenge to Justin Welby Can the Archbishop of Canterbury back up his claims?
5/13/2014 ERD Network Meeting Report on the Atlanta meeting for representatives of Episcopal Relief and Development
6/4/2014 The Episcopal Church Center as a Symbol of Episcopal Unity 815 Second Avenue doesn’t quite cut it.
6/7/2014 The Fault in Our Stars Movie criticism, though not exactly a review
6/14/2014 Baseball Conventional Wisdom Is Sometimes Stupid Sometimes, the starting pitcher should finish the game.
6/14/2014 Bishop McConnell to Speak at PEP Meeting The Bishop of Pittsburgh will speak on the state of the diocese at the June 16 meeting of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh.
6/17/2014 Bishop Answers Questions, Explains Same-Sex Marriage Delay Report on the June 16 PEP meeting.
6/21/2014 Staging the Easter Vigil Notes on creating a dramatic Easter Vigil service
7/1/2014 Correcting the Record NPR needs to learn that religion is not all conservative Christian religion.
7/1/2014 Some Thoughts in Light of the Hobby Lobby Opinion Thoughts on a bad Supreme Court decision
7/3/2014 Nuance Screws Up Big Time Nuance Power PDF Advanced seems not quite ready for prime time.
7/4/2014 Pittsburgh Bishop OKs Priests Officiating at Same-Sex Marriages Same-sex marriage comes to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
7/7/2014 Quinn Out as Canon, In as Interim Cathedral Dean Scott Quinn gets a new job.
7/13/2014 The South Carolina Amnesia Witnesses in the ongoing trial in South Carolina are exhibiting amnesia and paranoia.
7/14/2014 Nuance Power PDF Advanced Bug Fixed Nuance apparently has fix the watermark bug I reported earlier.
7/18/2014 Terrorism We need to stop throwing around the word “terrorism.
7/19/2014 Visitors Where do blog visitors come from?
7/28/2014 Ontario Wine Country A report of my visit to Ontario, Canada, to sample the wine there.
8/1/2014 Fish Friday A good meal, but seemingly cheated by Walmart
8/3/2014 The Rest of the Story An imagined ending of the story of the feeding of the five thousand
8/6/2014 Ritz on the Fritz I have a problem with crumbling Ritz crackers.
8/7/2014 Hard Shell Baptists I didn’t know that “Hard Shell Baptist” was other than a term of derision.
8/13/2014 Does Facebook Drive You Crazy? Why is Facebook so inconsistent in how it handles posts?
8/22/2014 Home at the DFMS The page at is dumb.
8/22/2014 Words We Need (Maybe) We need words to distinguish audio recording from video recording that don’t refer to a particular technology.
8/27/2014 Flags in the Church Should the American flag be displayed in Episcopal churches?
8/28/2014 Would Less Representation Be More Representative? Do we need bigger districts?
9/1/2014 Continuing a Labor Day Tradition My 2011 Labor Day poem, with commentary
9/1/2014 Thoughts on the Future of Israel Can there ever be a two-state solution?
9/4/2014 Random Language Notes Thoughts about various words
9/4/2014 A Thought about Corporate Taxation There can be more than one kind of incentive.
9/7/2014 How Do I Hate the TREC Letter? Let Me Count the Ways. A modest commentary on TREC’s “Letter to the Church”
9/26/2014 Hymns A listing of my hymns and some suggestions for their use
10/1/2014 The GTS 8 and the Michaelmas Massacre Information about and thoughts on what is happening at the General Theological Seminary
10/2/2014 Thoughts on the TREC Churchwide Meeting My reaction to the churchwide meeting run by the Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church
10/6/2014 Prayer for GTS A  pray appropriate for the problems of the General Theological Seminary
10/10/2014 Curve-stitch Cover Art A  design of mine on an Australian mathematical journal
10/10/2014 Voter ID Laws Voter ID laws are not designed to preserve the integrity of our elections.
10/11/2014 A Network Proposal (Is This What TREC Has in Mind?) Could a special kind of network help parishes do mission better?
10/11/2014 Freedom of Speech at Yale and the Jewish State Thoughts about an interview with the Rev. Bruce Shipman
10/13/2014 A Political Ad That Tells It as It Is A hard-hitting anti-Republican ad from the Agenda Project
10/15/2014 Letter to GTS Board of Trustees A letter seeking reconciliation in tomorrow’s meeting between board members and the GTS 8
10/18/2014 Completing the Michaelmas Massacre A response to the unconscionable actions of the GTS Board of Trustees
10/27/2014 PEP to Screen Inequality for All Pregressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh to host a free screening of Inequality for All on November 14
11/5/2014 Thoughts on the 2014 Elections Yesterday was a bad day for Democrats (and the country).
11/5/2014 Bill Maher Had It Right Democrats blew it by agreeing with the Republicans.
11/12/2014 Diocesan Convention 2014: An Outsider’s View Beth Stifel reflects on her experience at Pittsburgh’s diocesan convention.
11/26/2014 A Concise Summary of the GTS Debacle Kim Bobo summarizes events at GTS.
11/27/2014 Thanksgiving My annual offering of my poem “Thanksgiving.”
12/4/2014 Probing the Mysteries of Episcopal Café What I have discovered about the new Episcopal Café
12/6/2014 More Episcopal Café Mysteries More on Episcopal Café
12/8/2014 Curve-stitch Experiment A new curve-stitch design
12/13/2014 Curve-stitch Experiment 2 A variation on the curve-stitch design posted a few days ago
12/18/2014 Episcopal Café Performance Improves The biggest problem with Episcopal Café seems to have been fixed.
12/22/2014 How Should We Refer to God? Problems with gender-neutral language
1/9/2015 Je Suis Charlie Standing in solidarity with the Martyrs of Charlie Hebdo
1/12/2015 Manhunt? Can a search for a woman be a manhunt?
1/12/2015 The Missionary Society (Again) “Report to the Church 2015” is disturbing in unintended ways.
1/20/2015 Countering the State of the Union Address Why do Republicans get free air time to attack the President?
1/23/2015 Some Thoughts on Cuba Given the new thaw in diplomatic relations, how should the U.S. deal with Cuba?
1/25/2015 The Anglican Covenant, Yet Again Under the Anglican Covenant, the Church of England would be in hot water.
1/27/2015 Ultracrepidarian In praise of a useful, though obscure word
1/28/2015 How Does the Anglican Communion Office Count? Anglican Communion News Service claims that 12 churches have adopted the Anglican Covenant. It appears that 11, at most, have done so, however.
2/14/2015 Absalom Jones Someone should make an opera about Absalom Jones.
2/16/2015 Islamic State IS continues to make enemies. What should we do about it?
2/19/2015 A Long-forgotten Curve-stitch Design An unusual curve-stitch design I produced years ago
2/24/2015 The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Celebrates 150 Years Is a diocese created in 2008 really 150 years old?
3/10/2015 A New Poem An introduction to “Metro-North Accident, Valhalla, New York, February 3, 2015.”
3/17/2015 Some Surname Stories Spelling and pronunciation of last names can be problematic.
4/1/2015 Republican Quotes from the Democrats Quotations from a Democratic fund-raising mailing
4/2/2015 Pittsburgh Episcopal Church to Harbor Breakaway Presbyterian Congregation St. David’s, Peters Township, will host Perters Creek Evangelical Presbyterian Church services after the latter church lost control of its property.
4/4/2015 The Best Easter Sermon Ever In celebration of Easter 2015, I have reproduced St. John Chrysostom’s Easter sermon on  my blog.
4/7/2015 A Proposal to Improve Oil Train Safety A suggestion for making oil train derailments less dangerous
4/11/2015 An Easter Vigil Not to Boycott A reply to Crusty Old Dean’s criticism of the Easter Vigil
4/13/2015 Irritating Closed Compounds Some words just shouldn’t be combined into a single word.
4/14/2015 Blog Post One Thousand Reflecting on 1000 blog posts
4/18/2015 A Packaging Suggestion Cereal packaging needs to change.
4/20/2015 Analyzing the TREC Report, Part 1 A first essay on the TREC final report
4/22/2015 Analyzing the TREC Report, Part 2 My second essay on the TREC final report
4/23/2015 Analyzing the TREC Report, Part 3 My third essay on the TREC final report
4/24/2015 Don’t Take General Convention Reports at Face Value The report from the GTS Board of Trustees is from an alternate reality.
4/24/2015 End of the Line for the Covenant at the General Convention The proposed resolution on the Anglican Covenant should put the Covenant behind us.
4/27/2015 St. Paul’s to Allow Same-Sex Blessings My own church will allow same-sex blessings.
4/28/2015 In or Out? It’s time to remove bishops from The Episcopal Church who are not really Episcopal Church bishops.
4/29/2015 Transformed Icon My phone has lost its phone icon.
5/1/2015 Downy Woodpecker An occasional visitor to my suet feeder
5/7/2015 Supermarket Irritations, Part 1 Supermarket pricing can be irritating.
5/8/2015 Supermarket Irritations, Part 2 Supermarket signs can be irritating.
5/8/2015 Defending against Squirrels Keeping the suet feeder on the tree
5/11/2015 Squirrels 2, Human 0 The squirrels are winning
5/13/2015 Analyzing the TREC Report, Part 4 My fourth essay on the TREC final report
5/14/2015 Insurances A plural that seems completely unnecessary
5/14/2015 Further Thoughts on the Anglican Covenant and the General Convention How and why proposed Resolution A040 should be amended
5/15/2015 Another View of Reimagining the Church A civic-minded group offers a different view of reimagining The Episcopal Church.
5/18/2015 In Praise of Provinces I don’t think that General Convention should eliminate provinces.
5/20/2015 On Electing Bishops How much do we really need to study bishops and how we select them?
5/21/2015 More on the Anglican Covenant Resolution One more reason to amend Resolution A040 on the Anglican Covenant.
5/23/2015 Nutmeg A packaging problem that wasn’t
5/23/2015 Analyzing the TREC Report, Part 5 My fifth essay on the TREC report
5/252015 Analyzing the TREC Report, Part 6 My sixth essay on the TREC report
5/252015 Index to Posts about the TREC Report Links to my six essays on the TREC report.
5/272015 Thoughts on the Episcopal Resurrection Resolutions An analysis of all the resolutions from Episcopal Resurrection
5/31/2015 Discouraging Sign Another illiterate sign
6/2/2015 Word Order Matters An illustration from NPR
6/2/2015 Suet Feeder Update Another try to protect the suet for the birds
6/3/2015 Memorials and the Name of the Church We need to stop talking about the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society; we’re just confusing Episcopalians.
6/5/2015 Provinces, Again A General Convention resolution would articulate the role of provinces.
6/9/2015 An Inspiring Sermon Video of a sermon by Bishop Michael Curry from the 77th General Convention.
6/9/2015 Another Bad Sign  The local supermarket again shows that its employees are not too swift.
6/13/2015 Time for a Definitive Response to the Anglican Covenant (Short Version)   A new resolution has been introduced that would have the General Convention reject the Anglican Covenant. The post links to a longer essay on the subject.
6/14/2015 Somebody’s Got the Presiding Bishop’s Job Right  A new General Convention resolution (D020) seems to get the office of Presiding Bishop right.
6/19/2015 Enhanced Responsibility  Anglican primates and the Anglican Covenant
6/24/2015 Links to General Convention Information  Links to help readers follow the 78th General Convention
6/25/2015 Thoughts on Marriage and the General Convention  Defending the marriage task force
6/26/2015 It’s Not Over  Despite the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, many on the right are not going to give up.
7/3/2015 Covenant? What Covenant?  The General Convention once again addresses the Anglican Covenant (or not).
7/4/2015 A Triumph of Clericalism  Bishops see their powerer as threatened.
8/6/2015 Wine Rack  Searching for a wine rack
8/12/2015 Wine Rack Obtained  My new wine rack is just what I wanted.
8/17/2015 A Quecreek Excursion  Pictures from the Quecreek Mine rescue site
8/27/2015 Customer Service from Acronis  When I had a computer problem, Acronis was no help.
9/6/2015 Why Is Seltzer “Original”?  Why do so many seltzers have “original” on their labels.
9/12/2015 Ben Carson, Humanitarian  Not
9/13/2015 What Might Resolution A054 Mean in Practice?  How can conservative bishops opposed to same-sex marriage comply with General Convention Resolution A054?
9/17/2015 Anglican Communion II?  The Archbishop of Canterbury calls a meeting to reconsider the nature of the Communion.
9/18/2015 Justin Welby on the Hot Seat  GAFCON has placed the Archbishop of Canterbury in a difficult position.
9/24/2015 What Can VW Do?  How can Volkswagen fix its diesel automobile problem?
9/25/2015 Some Base Running Advice  Base running in the big leagues could improve.
9/25/2015 America and Americans  If not Americans, what are we?
9/27/2015 What Are the Representatives That Gave Boehner Grief?  What shall we call the people in the House of Representatives who are so happy to be rid of John Boehner?
9/28/2015 Parallel Anglican Universes?  Not everyone seems to have the same idea about what the Archbishop of Canterbury is up to.
10/9/2015 Why I Don’t Think Much Will Come of the Roman Catholic Family Synod  A worldwide church with uniform doctrine is virtually impossible to achieve.
10/29/2015 Suggestions for Presidential Debates  Better rules for presidential debates
11/4/2015 Inclusiveness Does Not Trump Truth  Why did Michael Curry have to misquote Julia Ward Howe
11/6/2015 Maybe MSNBC Got It Right  MSNBC did a good job of interviewing Democratic presidential candidates.
11/8/2015 The “Perfect” Gin and Tonic   Ginger beer is fine, but it isn’t tonic.
11/21/2015 In Praise of Steam Locomotives  Musings inspired by a locomotive photograph
11/22/2015 FanDuel and DraftKings  Do these sites support gambling?
11/29/2015 “Suspected”? Really?  Being a suspect and being suspected are not the same thing.
12/1/2015 How Important Is the Diocese?  Are parishes or dioceses the fundamental units of the Church?
12/2/2015 A Letter to Michael Curry  I have written out of concern about the January 2016 meeting of the Anglican primates.
12/4/2015 George Bush Didn’t Keep Us Safe  Video evidence, as if that is needed
1/8/2016 Donald Trump Is Mean  Trump treats a demonstrator disgracefully.
1/10/2016 Showdown at Theological Gap  Thoughts before the primates meet
1/11/2016 Complaint to the BBC  The BBC should not use “Anglican Church” to mean “Anglican Communion.”
1/14/2016 Abuse of Anglican Power: Where Do We Go from Here?  A response to the action of the Anglican Primates
1/16/2016 The Rev. Diane Shepard on the Action of the Anglican Primates  A response to the action of the Anglican Primates by a Pittsburgh priest
1/24/2016 BBC: We Admit We’re Wrong, but So Are Others, So It’s OK  The BBC blows off my complaint
1/25/2016 Additional Thoughts on the Meeting of the Primates  The meeting was even less fair than the procedures of the Anglican Covenant.
1/26/2016 LGBT, Etc.  What should we call gays, lesbians, etc.?
2/1/2016 A Reflection on Bishop McConnell’s Reflection on the Meeting of the Primates  An analysis of Bishop Dorsey McConnell’s letter about the meeting of the primates that claimed to sanction The Episcopal Church.
2/1/2016 Political Thoughts (from the Last Election)  Things haven’t changed much.
2/5/2016 Who Is a Progressive?  Hillary Clinton’s answer
2/7/2016 Dislikability of Republican Presidential Candidates  Rank the candidates in order of dislikability.
2/12/2016 An Alternative to Reducing Taxes to Encourage Repatriation of Profits  Rather than creating another giveaway to corporate America, why not try to maximize the revenue yield?
2/13/2016 Radix-90, Order-10 PPDIs  News from the recreational math realm.
2/13/2016 After Justice Scalia  President Obama should move forward with a Supreme Court nomination, even if he is destined to be unsuccessful.
2/14/2016 Twinkling Snow  Sun and snow can produce a magical effect?
2/14/2016 A Strategy for Appointing the Next Supreme Court Justice  President Obama could put pressure on the Republicans to confirm a nominee.
2/16/2016 Words with Conflicting Meanings  Some words have meanings that are nearly completely opposite one another.
2/16/2016 Taking Mitch McConnell Seriously  The Senate Majority Leader’s plan is stupid.
2/17/2016 Letter to Mitch McConnell  Letter to the Senate Majority Leader about replacing Antonin Scalia
2/19/2016 Commas, and their Absence, Strike Again  More comma problems
2/23/2016 Another Word about Antonin Scalia  Jeffrey Toobin nails it.
2/25/2016 Commentary on Encryption  Apple is right to resist the court order to break into one of its phones.
3/1/2016 Make America Sane Again  Vote Democratic graphic
3/3/2016 “Medical Abortions”  A term that needs to be replaced by something more precise
3/5/2016 Donald Trump’s Real Message  Distilled message in a single graphic
3/5/2016 Bill Maher on the Virtues of a Woman President  A woman wouldn’t be arguing about penis size.
3/5/2016 A Suggested Tool for Debate Moderators  Debate moderators have to control the microphones.
3/14/2016 Fail-Safe Backup Plan  If need be, the Democrats will stop Trump in November.
3/16/2016 Thoughts on the Nomination of Merrick Garland  My heart is not with Mr. Obama’s nomination, but it may be a savvy move on his part.
3/16/2016 Sometimes a Space Makes a Difference  Don’t assume that “in to” and “into” are interchangeable.
3/17/2016 Why Indeed!  Why would we elect a Republican President?
3/20/2016 On the Senate Republicans’ Principle  Republican Senators simply oppose anything President Obama does.
3/20/2016 Taking Republican Thinking to Its Logical Conclusion Why should short-timer senators be allowed to vote?
3/21/2016 Why a Democrat Must Select the Next Supreme Court Justice  The importance of having a Democrat appoint the next Supreme Court justice
3/28/2016 Four Political Limericks My takes on the presidential nomination races in verse
3/31/2016 Thank You, Donald Trump Trump exposes an obscured truth regarding abortion.
4/2/2016 National Poetry Month 2016  April is National Poetry Month.
4/6/2016 Thoughts about Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Investigation Update Episcopalians deserve (and need) to know more.
4/14/2016 Taste Test What does artificial sweetener do to tonic water?
4/24/2016 Under God, In God We Trust My essay on the national motto joins my essay on the Pledge of Allegiance on Lionel Deimel’s Farrago.
4/25/2016 Might Work, Might Not The agreement between Ted Cruz and John Kasich seems unpromising.
5/10/2016 Episcopal Journal: We Deserve Answers Episcopal Journal asks for more information about personnel actions at the Episcopal Church Center.
5/17/2016 How We Vote, Part 1: Open Primaries The first of a series examining how we vote in America
5/18/2016 How We Vote, Part 2: Superdelegates Are superdelegates in the Democratic party a good or bad institution?
5/19/2016 How We Vote, Part 3: Early Voting Early voting is helpful, but it can be overdone.
5/22/2016 Stop Donald Trump, Etc. Changes have been made to the blog sidebar, including the addition of an anti-Trump graphic.
5/31/2016 One More PPDI I have revised my list of base-11 PPDIs.
6/7/2016 We Are Episcopal Relief & Development A different perspective on Episcopal Relief & Development
6/12/2016 A Time to Choose Even responsible Republicans should vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.
6/14/2016 Gun Control Prospects for rational gun laws and suggested laws
6/16/2016 Sincere Bigotry A comment on recent anti-gay state laws
6/18/2016 I Do Want to Take Away Your Guns Gun control advocates need to raise their sights.
6/19/2016 Where Is Bishop McConnell’s Signature?  Bishop McConnell’s signature is missing from an ad against domestic violence.
6/23/2016 On the Revolution in the House Democrats take a stand, albeit an imperfect one.
7/1/2016 More on Gun Control Congress needs to act.
7/8/2016 Time to Study Gun Violence Congress should fund CDC research into gun violence.
7/12/2016 Rethinking the National Anthem Maybe The Star-Spangled Banner is more appropriate than I have realized.
7/13/2016 The Wisdom of George W. Bush The former president has a word to say about prejudice.
7/21/2016 Tooting The Episcopal Church’s Horn Proposed advertisements for The Episcopal Church
7/22/2016 Trump Ain’t No Ronald Reagan Trump’s acceptance speech paints a picture of a grim America in need of a Savior named “Trump.”
7/24/2016 Three More Episcopal Church Advertisements Additional proposed Episcopal Church ads
8/8/2016 Language Oddities on NPR  Even on NPR, language can get strange.
8/13/2016 First in Freedom North Carolina rolls out a new license plate.
8/13/2016 How Would Jesus Vote? Could Jesus really vote for Donald Trump? Would you like a button?
8/15/2016 The Greatest Man in the World  Lessons about Donald Trump by James Thurber
8/17/2016 Another PPDI I have corrected my list of base-12 PPDIs.
8/18/2016 You Can’t Handle the Truth Can Americans really not handle lengths in meters?
9/8/2016 On Answering Debate Questions How I would like politicians to answer questions
9/19/2016 Truth and the Presidential Debates A neutral moderator favors Trump.
10/8/2016 Trump Apologizes Trump doesn’t know how to apologize.
10/29/2016 The Danger of Catholic Hospitals Catholic hospitals should be forced to operate like hospitals.
11/3/2016 The Rigged Election The election may be rigged, but it isn’t rigged to favor Democrats.
11/6/2016 Thoughts on the Poorly Educated The better educated need to vote to overwhelm the votes of the poorly educated.
11/9/2016 Post-Election Depression How could this tragedy happen?
11/14/2016 More on My November 9 Reacting to the tragedy
11/14/2016 Breitbart News and CBS News Breitbart News is neither conservative nor news.
11/29/2016 TPP If not the TPP then what?
11/30/2016 Conflicts of Interest How Donald Trump might be able to avoid too many conflicts of interest
12/1/2016 Further Thoughts on Conflicts of Interest Further thoughts on Trump’s conflict-of-interest problem
12/2/2016 America’s Second Choice for President Trump was favored by Putin but not by American voters.
12/3/2016 A Trump Challenge Create a Trump Alphabet.
12/10/2016 The Constitution Faces a Challenge (And It Will Probably Fail) If the Electoral College acts as expected, we must be rid of it.
12/12/2016 Falsiness Trump’s latest behavior suggests the need for a new word.
12/12/2016 Package Tracking Failure Did the Postal Service deliver my package or not?
12/15/2016 Jesus, Progressive Jesus was not a conservative.
12/18/2016 Trump 2024 Announcing my speculations about how a Trump presidency might turn out.
12/19/2016 We Need Direct Election of President and Vice-President We need a constitutional amendment, though perhaps a complex one.
12/22/2016 Problems with Lionel Deimel’s Farrago I am experiencing problems with the navigation of Lionel Deimel’s Farrago.
12/24/2016 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas A post of my Christmas poem
12/27/2016 When Was America Great? If Trump wants to “make America Great Again,” what is his model for when America was great in the past?
12/28/2016 Winning Is Not Always the Smartest Objective Trump’s inordinate desire always to “win” is a danger to world peace.
12/31/2016 Web Site Fixed The navigation problem of Lionel Deimel’s Farrago have now been fixed.
1/3/2017 Letter to My Republican Senator A letter to Senator Pat Toomey as a new Congress begins
1/3/2017 Letter to My Democratic Senator A letter to Senator Bob Casey as a new Congress begins
1/4/2017 Why Republicans Want to Kill Obamacare Mike Pence articulates what Republicans care and don’t care about.
1/5/2017 Hail to the Chief The familiar anthem has Trump-friendly lyrics.
1/20/2017 This is no dream; this is really happening! The inauguration of Donald Trump begins a dark era in our nation’s history.
1/26/2017 R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore MTM will be missed.
1/29/2017 Random Thoughts on U.S.-Mexican Relations Donald Trump, the Wall, Mexico, and NAFTA
2/7/2017 Trump Haiku Poetry inspired by the Trump Administration
2/8/2017 Collect for a Troubled Nation Prayer for deliverance from bad government
2/25/2017 Beginning My Postcard Campaign Trying a new way to reach my Washington representatives
3/29/2017 A Curve-stitch Design in Nails and Thread A complex curve-stitch design really can be reproduced as a physical thing.
4/1/2017 National Poetry Month 2017 It’s that month again.
4/2/2017 Let’s Not Whitewash the Flynn Firing The administration’s probably lying about Flynn¹s lying. Media shouldn’t support that.
4/20/2017 New CMOS in the Works A new edition of The Chicago Manual of Style is due out in September.
4/26/2017 R.I.P. American Health Care Act Thoughts about health care and GOP attempts to kill Obamacare.
4/28/2017 The Latest Concession to the Freedom Caucus Would Create Economic Inefficiency Giving power to states to determine what is and is not covered by health insurance is a bad idea.
4/30/2017 Religious Designations Oddities about how we talk about some religions
5/16/2017 A Plea to Reporters There is no “Democrat Party.”
5/27/2017 Smith-Miller Smith-Miller toy trucks are again available.
5/29/2017 A Memorial Day Prayer A somewhat unusual prayer for Memorial Day.
6/13/2017 KFC An unhappy restaurant experience
7/2/2017 Independence Day Fashion Selecting a shirt for 4th of July
7/6/2017 Trump on Trade Trump’s mistaken ideas about trade
7/9/2017 A New Anti-Trump Button A button suitable for wearing all through the Trump administration
7/26/2017 Fifteen Years Ago The Quecreek Mine accident and rescue happened 15 years ago.
8/14/2017 The Confederate Flag Revisited We need to reframe references to the Confederate flag.
8/15/2017 North of the Border Song parody for Trump’s America
8/21/2017 Anticipating the Eclipse Thoughts before the eclipse
9/4/2017 Labor Day 2017 Thoughts Art can be an inspiration to us on this Labor Day.
9/4/2017 Additional Labor Day Thoughts We need unions, but unions need to be more egalitarian.
9/6/2017 I Support DACA What I wrote to my senators and representative.
9/11/2017 A Poem for September 11 “Falling from the Sky”
9/14/2017 Baseball Rule Changes for Good or Ill Thoughts on recent MLB rules
9/19/2017 Impressions of Donald Trump’s Speech to the U.N. My immediate reactions to the Trump speech
9/24/2017 Amnesty Never Dreamers deserve citizenship, not amnesty.
9/25/2017 Thoughts on North Korea We need to head off military conflict with North Korea.
10/3/2017 Post-season MLB Games Begin The MLB “Postseason” needs a better name.
10/18/2017 Clueless Comcast Technical Support A sotry of incompetent technical support
10/18/2017 The Vietnam War in Four Pictures Images that capture the Vietnam War for me
11/9/2017 Diocesan Convention Ignores the Needs of the Handicapped The Pittsburgh diocesan convention should be held elsewhere.
11/21/2017 Are North Koreans Terrorists? Are we justified in declaring North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism?
11/25/2017 Support Our … Our diplomats, as well as our troops, need our support.
12/1/2017 Waiting for “Tax Reform” The Senate is about to demonstrate its lack of integrity regarding “tax reform.”
12/1/2017 A Commonsense Legislative Reform Legislators should have to read what they vote on.
12/2/2017 An Atomic Anniversary The world’s first artificial nuclear chain reaction occurred 75 years ago.
12/11/2017 On Being a Proud Christian Democrat A graphic to proclaim yourself a liberal Christian
12/17/2017 Banned Words Imagined Trump censorship
12/21/2017 Whither Episode Nine? How might the Star Wars saga end?
12/21/2017 More Legislative Reforms More ideas to make lawmaking better
12/30/2017 My Movie Project Watching AFI’s top American films
1/12/2018 Here, There, and Everywhere Why postings show up where they do
1/14/2018 Make America Democratic Again We need to throw out Republicans.
1/15/2018 Martin Luther King Day 2018 What happened to the Civil Rights Era?
1/29/2018 Why Can’t You Get My Name Right? Dictating the spelling of my name doesn’t always produce the desired result.
2/8/2018 The Trump Parade Another of Trump’s dumb ideas
2/20/2018 What Does Putin Know? Does Trump treat Putin with kid gloves because of what Putin knows?
2/23/2018 Schools and Guns Thoughts on the gun discussion following the Parkland massacre
2/24/2018 Visit to the Veterinarian Getting Charlie and Linus into their carriers can be traumatic.
3/14/2018 “Amen” in the Book of Common Prayer The word “amen” is rendered differently, depending on context. A few changes are in order.
3/22/2018 Pittsburgh Churches Settle (Sort Of) Analysis of the recently announced property agreement
3/24/2018 Assault Weapons What a ban should look like
4/2/2018 Bon-Ton and KitchenAid Give Me a Hard Time Frustration at the department store and in the kitchen.
4/10/2018 Regrets Little mistakes can haunt us.
4/11/2018 Goals for Syria What can we reasonably achieve?
4/14/2018 A Brief Look at Fox News Fox & Friends shows its colors.
4/16/2018 A Pro-Choice Essay and Graphic Thoughts on pro-choice messaging
4/25/2018 Change in Comment Policy Future comments will be moderated.
5/13/2018 The Trump Doctrine How Trump operates
6/2/2018 Samantha Bee vs. Roseanne Barr Two infractions, but not of the same character.
6/3/2018 Fair Offer or Discrimination For whom is it proper to offer discounts?
6/5/2018 Afternoon Cinema Advertising at the movie theater
6/9/2018 Draining the Swamp Trump has only made things worse.
6/11/2018 Michael Curry and Donald Trump Thoughts on Michael Curry’s sermon at the recent royal wedding
6/12/2018 Kim: Another Admired Strongman Trump “honored” to hob knob with Kim Jong-un
6/17/2018 Thoughts on A Higher Loyalty Some reactions to James Comey’s book
7/6/2018 Save Democracy My latest button
7/9/2018 Two Complaints about Bishop McConnell My bishop hasn’t made me happy lately.
7/10/2018 The Future of Roe and Obergefell Possible consequences of a Justice Kavanaugh
7/11/2018 Make American Great Again—Really Trump is making a dumb slogan meaningful.
7/15/2018 Peter Strzok on the Hot Seat Republican committee get more than they bargained for and show their partisanship.
7/17/2018 Mr. President, Time to Come Clean What could Putin have on Trump that’s so bad?
7/21/2018 The Donald Goes Rolling Along Satiric lyric for our time
7/31/2018 The Donald Goes Rolling Along (Final Version) A revised version of my lyrics is now on my Web site.
8/4/2018 The Wisdom of Dumping Pelosi Replacing the House minority leader would help Democrats in November.
8/11/2018 Another Governor’s Cup August Deimel wins another Governor’s Cup for Keuka Spring Vineyards.
9/10/2018 Thoughts on “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” Thoughts on the anonymous op-ed about Trump in The New York Times
9/17/2018 Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford What to make of the charges against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh
9/19/2018 Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, Round 2 More thoughts on the charges against Judge Kavanaugh
9/20/2018 Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, Round 3 Thoughts about the Kavanaugh nomination as the drama moves to a conclusion
9/22/2018 Clean Your PC Is your computer making loud wirring sounds?
9/24/2018 In What Year Did Brett Kavanaugh Stop Assaulting Women? Brett Kavanaugh should withdraw his attempt to become a Supreme Court justice.
9/26/2018 Stanislav Petrov Day Today, we celebrate the man who likely prevented nuclear war.
9/28/2018 Historic Hearing Assault victim Christine Blasey Ford faces off against Brett Kavanaugh in a Senate hearing.
10/7/2018 An Indiana Demonstration A “pro-life” demonstration in Indiana, Pa.
10/21/2018 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is not a friend of the U.S.
10/26/2018 Miscellaneous Thoughts on Trump What’s wrong with the president.
1/4/2019 Congress, Grow a Backbone Congress should assert its role in making laws.
1/5/2019 A Prediction The present government shutdown will not last a year.
1/14/2019 Can We Find Common Ground on the Wall? Is a compromise possible?
1/14/2019 Protecting Already-Born Women Pregnant women shouldn’t shouldn’t be charged with child abuse.
1/15/2019 Why Concern About the Trump-Russian Connection Is Not Simply Paranoia Why shouldn’t we conclude the obvious?
2/13/2019 Breakfast Encounter People do strange things with their cellphones.
2/19/2019 A General Principle Regarding Odd Results Don’t ignore oddities.
3/3/2019 Another MLB Safety Concern Chairs on the field are dangerous.
3/4/2019 Six Language Quibbles Usages that drive me crazy.
3/19/2019 Three Unneeded Presidential Candidates Do we really need Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden?
3/24/2019 Slogan Compromise On BLACK LIVES MATTER slogan
3/27/2019 Ordnances On a collective noun
3/27/2019 A Different Redistricting Idea Perhaps congressional districts could span state boundries.
5/17/2019 A Different Redistricting Idea Trump is all about personal control.
5217/2019 Abortion as Murder Hypocrisy among the “pro-life” crowd
5/26/2019 Age and the Democratic Candidates We need younger presidential candidates.
5/29/2019 Roe vs. the Radical Right Abortion opponents hope to overturn Roe.
5/29/2019 Congress Still Has Questions for Mueller Will Congress get to ask Mueller important questions?
6/1/2019 Congress Should Rescind the President’s Tariff Authority Presidential power should be limited.
6/4/2019 Can a President Be Indicted? The president should not be special with respect to the law.
6/17/2019 How the Upcoming Debates Could Have Been Better Designed With two debates, Democratic candidates could have been better distributed.
6/27/2019 Some Cursory Thoughts on the First Democratic Debate General comments on the June 26 Democratic debate
6/28/2019 Thoughts on the Second Democratic Debate Thoughts on the second Democratic debate
7/8/2019 Facebook and Hate Speech Facebook’s notion of hate speech is seriously defective.
7/16/2019 Racist Is as Racist Does News organizations are increasingly willing to call Trump’s tweets racist.
7/17/2019 The Debate Lineup: An Apology and Further Thoughts Distributing candidates to debates again
7/19/2019 CNN Chooses Debate Lineups Making debate choices into entertainment
7/22/2019 GOP Debates? Trump should have to debate Bill Weld.
7/23/2019 A Psalm for Our Time (and Our President) Psalm 52 and Donald Trump
7/25/2019 Don’t Impeach Trump The case against impeachment, even though Trump deserves it
8/5/2019 Making Credible Campaign Promises What Democrats can promise and actually deliver
8/21/2019 Please, Not Joe Biden Can’t we do better than Joe Biden?
8/30/2019 A Long-Awaited Movie Arrives A movie based in a Shirley Jackson novel is finally released.
9/4/2019 Happy Summer Day A new poem
9/6/2019 Arguing Against an Anti-abortion Argument Let’s get rid of God arguments.
9/11/2019 A Different Kind of Presidential Candidate Debate Suggesting a totally different form of presidential debate
9/27/2019 Slow Order for the Impeachment Train An impeachment case should be strong and comprehensive.
10/9/2019 Further Thoughts on Impeachment An analysis of impeachment
10/16/2019 Let’s Add a Different Presidential Primary Debate to the Schedule A suggestion for a presidential debate that excludes the leading candidates
10/24/2019 A Proposed Constitutional Amendment We need to make it clear that the president and vice president are not above the law.
11/5/2019 Let’s Kill Daylight Saving Time Daylight saving time is dysfunctional.
11/6/2019 One Flaw in the Warren Medicare-for-All Plan Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have the answer.
11/12/2019 Quick Evaluation of Democratic Presidential Candidates A perhaps not completely serious brief characterization of the Democratic presidential candidates
11/19/2019 Abortion A graphic in support of abortion rights
11/23/2019 Job Protection Protecting jobs shouldn’t derail good policy.
12/12/2019 Why General Convention Resolution A063 is Problematic A063 threatens common prayer.
12/17/2019 Freedom Around the World Freedom House sees democracy in retreat around the globe.
12/17/2019 Thoughts on the Coming Impeachment Impeachment will not likely end well.
12/30/2019 Isn’t She Still Dead? Interview with the late Joan Rivers—really?
1/5/2020 A Litany for the Democratic Presidential Candidate Objectives I think most Democratic candidates would agree with
1/112020 Gilmore Girls In praise of a TV show
1/15/2020 McConnell’s Kangaroo Court Mitch McConnell seeks to guarantee that Trump’s impeachment trial is a joke.
1/20/2020 Collect for an Impeachment Trial of the President A specialized prayer
1/30/2020 A Policy Declaration All Democrats Should Love A kind of good-government pledge for presidential candidates
2/2/2020 The Iowa Caucus Poll The Caucus proceeds with polling.
2/8/2020 “O God of All the Nations” A new hymn from Carolyn Winfrey Gillette
2/27/2020 Collect for a Time of Contagion A prayer for our current pandemic
3/5/2020 Lizzy’s Choice With Biden clearing the field, what will Elizabeth Warrren do?
3/6/2020 Biden’s the One Biden is the likely Democratic standard-bearer; he is likely good enough.
3/12/2020 A Coronavirus Story A personal story and a story of an incompetent president
3/21/2020 A Coronavirus Thought Experiment What we might do if we could test everyone for the coronavirus
3/24/2020 Not Many More G&Ts Pennsylvania liquor stores are closed.
3/29/2020 It’s Time for Bernie to Fight the Real Fight Bernie needs to get out of the race and endorse Joe Biden.
3/30/2020 A Collection of Collects Prayers I introduced one at a time elsewhere
4/13/2020 Thoughts on the President in a Difficult Time A collection of brief comments originally made on Facebook
4/15/2020 Thoughts on Returning to “Normal” What will it take to return to the pre-pandemic world
4/21/2020 Is It Time to Return to “Normal”? Politicians are too eager to return to “normal.”
4/27/2020 Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev It is the birthday of my favorite composer.
4/28/2020 The Great States Calling states “great” is tiresome and often disingenuous.
4/28/2020 How to Do It I can’t seem able to duplicate the elegant moves I see in videos.
5/4/2020 In Praise of the Diaeresis A little understood diacritical mark
5/5/2020 The Coronavirus and Meat-Processing Plants Outbreaks in meat-processing plants are not isolated incidents.
5/6/2020 Sorry, Nancy Nancy Pelosi is a greater Democratic asset than I gave her credit for being.
5/15/2020 What Republicans Believe A list
5/27/2020 Betty Deimel (May 6, 1948–May 21, 2020) An obituary of my ex-wife
5/27/2020 A Son’s Tribute A tribute to Betty Deimel by her son
6/4/2020 Trump Really Doesn’t Seek to Divide Americans Trump simply wants the love of his base.
6/15/2020 Our Honored Confederate Generals We need to strip names of rebels from military bases.
6/27/2020 Shirley Jackson Day 2020 Celebrating a quirky author
6/28/2020 A 51-Star Flag Designing a new flag shouldn’t stop us from making D.C. a state.
7/1/2020 Thoughts on the Department of Justice The Department of Justice needs to be isolated from presidents like Donald Trump.
7/6/2020 Nominations for the National Garden of American Heroes I offer a list of “heroes” I think Trump might really like to honor.
7/8/2020 Can Americans Follow Through? America faces challenges it may not have the tenacity to fully meet.
7/11/2020 Masks Trump is a bad role model.
7/14/2020 Community vs. Individual Concerns in the Time of Pandemic Surviving the pandemic in the absence of a vaccine
7/14/2020 A New Name for the Redskins What will be the football team’s new name?
7/22/2020 Votes for All—Universal Adult Suffrage A proposed constitutional amendment
7/30/2020 The Real Trump Platform What Trump really wants
8/1/2020 The Biden Agenda before the Biden Agenda Biden’s first objective will be to clean up the mess caused by Trump.
8/8/2020 Vote in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania voter information
8/14/2020 Trump-Pence Slogans Possible truthful slogans
8/20/2020 Progressive Should Be Thankful for Joe Biden Biden is the right man for the job.
8/21/2020 Unequal Justice The law treats the rich better than everyone else.
8/24/2020 The Trump Platform A cynical graphic
8/27/2020 To the Black Lives Matter Folks: Don‘t Screw Things Up Demonstrators must avoid giving Trump an issue.
8/29/2020 Responsible Voting Not voting is irresponsible.
9/1/2020 Our Lying President Generally, Trump lies.
9/8/2020 The Trump Economy Trump has not been good for the American economy.
9/21/2020 Reflection on Roe v. Wade in Response to the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned after Trump appoints another Supreme Court justice. This may not be too bad.
10/2/2020 Inadequacy of Available Reactions to Facebook Posts Facebook needs to allow users to be more precise in their reactions to posts.
10/13/2020 Originalism Originalism is stupid.
10/13/2020 A Biden Administrative Agenda Good administrative rules for a President Biden
10/23/2020 Is “Apiece” Really Necessary? “Apiece” is being misused.
10/26/2020 A Note on Blog Comments An apology for having ignored some comments
10/31/2020 The Post-election Interregnum Trump will behave badly after he looses, but he will be gone after January 20.
11/6/2020 Is the Use of the Twentieth-Fifth Amendment in our Future? If Trump continues to act outrageously, perhaps he should be removed from office using the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.
11/12/2020 The Anti-Democratic Party A graphic to characterize the GOP
11/24/2020 Why People Are Traveling for Thanksgiving Travelers are not thinking clearly.
12/12/2020 On Trump’s Loss Will Trump’s disbelief of having lost extend past January 20?
12/14/2020 Weapons Carried in Public What is the purpose of allowing people to carry weapons in public?
12/23/2020 Lost (and Found) Keys A story with a happy ending
12/31/2020 End-of-Year Thoughts List of lessons learned (or reinforced) in 2020
1/1/2021 A Very Happy New Year This year should be happier than last year.
1/5/2021 How to Run Mass Vaccinations This really isn’t rocket science.
1/6/2021 Thoughts on the Recent Insurrection Today’s insurrections raises questions.
1/12/2021 Choosing a Name for September 6, 2021 The events of January 6 might be called the Epiphany Putsch.
1/14/2021 Essays on Ranked-Choice Voting: Chapter 1 Though not perfect, ranked-choice voting problems can be minimized.
1/15/2021 Slavery Revisited Using a euphemism for “slave” diminishes the brutality of the peculiar institution.
1/18/2021 Donald Trump’s Future Trump should be indicted and arrested.
1/24/2021 How to Run Mass Vaccinations Redux Mass vaccinations can be done efficiently.
1/25/2021 On the Upcoming Trial of Donald Trump A trial is legal, but conviction will be difficult.
1/25/2021 Really, SCOTUS? The Supreme Court excuses Trump’s illegal behavior.
1/29/2021 The Horrors of Movies on Television Movies are too often butchered by TV networks.
2/1/2021 President Biden: Go Big Democrats need to pass landmark legislation.
2/3/2021 Further Thoughts on the Trump Trial A likely not guilty verdict will send the wrong message.
2/13/2021 The Case against Trump Details of the case
3/6/2021 End the Filibuster Getting rid of the filibuster is needed to pass needed legislation
3/9/2021 More Thoughts on the Filibuster In different circumstances, the filibuster could be helpful.
3/9/2021 Annoying Squeeze Bottles Some products should not come in squeeze bottles.
3/11/2021 Taking the Cats to the Vet (Day 1) The annual battle begins.
3/14/2021 Taking the Cats to the Vet (Day 2) The campaign concludes successfully.
3/18/2021 Defending Benjamin Franklin Defending my high school’s namesake
4/3/2021 What Do You Like about Donald Trump? Which of Trump’s traits do his supporters actually like?
4/4/2021 To Protect and to Serve Police generally protect their own interests.
4/12/2021 Thoughts as Prosecution in Chauvin Case nears the End A threat can justify police violence; a risk cannot.
4/20/2021 An Immediate Reaction to the Chauvin Verdicts We can hope that the conviction of Chauvin represents a turning point in how police violence is treated.
4/22/2021 Gun Control A gun control graphic
5/2/2021 Defending Benjamin Franklin, Round Two The school board intends to rename the building; the name of the school is another matter.
5/4/2021 Defending Benjamin Franklin, Round Three My letter to the Head of School.
5/6/2021 Defending Benjamin Franklin, Round Four A letter from a classmate
5/14/2021 Who You Gonna Believe, Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes What we saw on January 6 was what it seemed to be.
5/15/2021 Can’t Eat Just One Potato clips are addictive.
5/21/2021 A Terrible Terrible Book Many (most) on the right have lost all objectivity.
5/29/2021 Improving Musical Notation My suggestion would make musical notation easier to learn, but too many people would have to un-learn the old notation.
6/1/2021 Episcopal Elections (Essays on Ranked-Choice Voting: Chapter 2) There is a better way to stage episcopal elections.
6/6/2021 Bipartisanism Democrats need to fight as hard as their opponents do.
7/14/2021 Jab British English invades the American tongue.
7/18/2021 Back to Church Returning to church after pandemic restrictions
7/19/2021 Condos and Infrastructure When governments build, they should create a dedicated maintenance/replacement fund.
7/19/2021 Presidential Goals Goals adopted by presidents (graphic)
7/26/2021 Human 1, Animals 0 (maybe) The struggle to protect my birdseed cache from animal preditors
7/29/2021 Raccoon-Proofing Trying to frustrate raccoons
8/15/2021 Who Lost Afghanistan? Improving Afghanistan was a hopeless cause.
8/16/2021 Thoughts on Mask Mandates Mask mandates are sometimes necessary.
8/22/2021 Get Me to the Plane on Time An Afghanistan song parody
9/1/2021 Thoughts on the New Texas Abortion Law A new Texas law outsources law enforcement.
9/2/2021 Advice to Young Texas Women Get out (graphic)
9/8/2021 Eliminating Rape in Texas Governor Abbott isn’t going to eliminate rape in Texxas.
9/11/2021 Looking Back 20 Years Links to posts about the tragedy of 20 years ago
9/13/2021 Thoughts on the 9/11 Twentieth Anniversary Questions inspired by the events of 9/11
9/16/2021 Epiphany Insurrection A better name for the events of 1/6
9/19/2021 Abortion Access for Episcopalians Episcopalians should have the right to choose abortion.
9/21/2021 National Priorities Proposed government priorities for 2021
9/25/2021 Kill the Cult Trump leads a cult that needs to be eliminated.
9/26/2021 A Manifesto An anti-racist declaration
9/29/2021 Eliminate the Debt Ceiling Democrats could simply get rid of the debt ceiling.
9/30/2021 A Letter to the President Concerning January 6 Insurrectionists should be charged with serious crimes.
10/4/2021 A Letter to the President Concerning January 6 Facebook is too big and too powerful.
10/4/2021 Make a Deal with Joe Manchin Democrats need to play hardball with Senator Manchin (graphic)
10/6/2021 A New Prayer for Our Time A prayer for the misguided
10/7/2021 Saving the Planet Living things need to be saved, not the planet (graphic).
10/9/2021 Oatmeal with a Bite Putting lots of pepper in oatmeal is a bad idea.
10/10/2021 A Small Step toward Building a Better Sandwich Putting salt and pepper on the bread
10/10/2021 A Small Step toward Building a Better Sandwich Putting salt and pepper on the bread
10/12/2021 Promoting Abortion Access People who have had abortions need to come out of the closet.
10/17/2021 Pittsburgh Diocese Passes Resolutions The diocese passes resolutions about climate change, voting rights, and what people are honored by the church.
10/26/2021 Congressman Glenn Thompson on Medicare Report on a telephone town hall
11/5/2021 A Proposal to Replace the Income Tax A proposal for an expenditure tax
11/5/2021 New Phone I hate instructions consisting only of pictures.
11/5/2021 Planning for the Worst Case What to do if Senators Manchin and Sinema prove uncöperative
11/6/2021 CPKC An exciting railroad merger
11/12/2021 Schroeder A cat has been visiting at my back door.
11/16/2021 The Message of the Parable of the Good Samaritan The biblical story is a bit garbled.
11/18/2021 A Christian Nation We aren’t there yet.
11/19/2021 Schroeder Update 1 The cat is back but wouldn’t walk into a carrier.
11/19/2021 Repeal the Second Amendment We should get rid of this damaging amendment.
11/26/2021 Collect for the Homeless Another prayer
11/27/2021 In Praise of Not Streaming There are good reasons to watch movies on physical disks.
12/9/2021 Further Thoughts on Abortion Rights An extended argument for abortion rights
12/12/2021 A Prayer in Response to the Recent Tornadoes Another specialized prayer
12/21/2021 Letter to Senator Joe Manchin A response to another Manchin vote
12/22/2021 Mysteries of Facebook Things I don’t understand about Facebook
12/23/2021 A Facebook Ambiguity Reactions to Facebook posts can be ambiguous
12/26/2021 My, How Things Have Changed (My So-Called Life Edition) In a TV episode, students run into the hall upon hearing a gunshot. That isn’t what would happen in 2021.
12/30/2021 Schroeder Update 2 The cat continues to come by.
1/1/2022 A Explanation for Loyalty to Trump Trump lies with such convincing sincerity. (Graphic)
1/11/2022 Schroeder Update 3 Schroeder comes by in the cold.
1/12/2022 Schroeder Update 4 I now have a trap
1/13/2022 Schroeder Update 5 (sort of) I capture the wrong cat.
1/14/2022 Schroeder Update 6 (again, sort of) The cat I caught finds his way home.
1/17/2022 Schroeder Update 7 A day without capturing a cat
1/17/2022 Terrorism? Really? “Terror” is not always used carefully.
1/20/2022 Schroeder Update 9 Schroeder’s enclosure is expanded.
1/25/2022 Schroeder Update 10 Schroeder goes to the vet.
2/3/2022 Schroeder Update 11 Schroeder settles in.
2/3/2022 A Schroeder Table of Contents Links to posts about Schroeder
2/9/2022 Celebrating 20 Years This blog is 20 years old; links to notable posts
3/5/2022 Wanted for Crimes: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin A wanted poster (Graphic)
3/5/2022 Schroeder Update 12 Another trip to the vet
3/8/2022 Which Way Does the Fan Turn? A visual ambiguity
3/16/2022 When Can We End Russian Sanctions? The secretary of state says Russian sanctions are not permanent.
3/18/2022 Are the End Times Upon Us? Changes come to Major League Baseball.
4/20/2022 Rhymes in “Paul Revere’s Ride” Rhyming varies in this famous poem.
5/6/2022 Vast Minority What is a vast “minority”?
5/7/2022 A Comprehensive Examination of the Abortion Question A revised version of an earlier essay
5/8/2022 Financing Abortions Abortion loans: a mechanism may be needed if Roe v. Wade is overturned
5/12/2022 Safe, Legal, and Accessible A pro-choice slogan and graphic
5/13/2022 Mitch (as usual) Got It Wrong McConnell tries to justify a likely Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade.
5/14/2022 Bans Off Our Bodies Rally I make posters and attend a demonstration.
5/16/2022 Keep Abortion Legal A more modest length essay
5/25/2022 Thoughts on Yet Another Gun Massacre What a safer America shuld look like
5/26/2022 Bubonic Plague in the United States Thoughts about a documentary on a surprising topic
5/27/2022 A New Wine-Tasting Rule A pandemic can lead to odd rules.
5/29/2022 A Church Demonstration of Sympathy and Outrage My church creates outdoor displays in reaction to mass shootings.
5/30/2022 Originalism and the Second Amendment The Supreme Court is wrong about the Second Amendment. Also, originalism is legal nonsense.
6/4/2022 R.I.P. Diane Duntley The death of a friend
6/4/2022 A Diane Duntley Tribute My tribute at Diane’s funeral
6/5/2022 A Diane Duntley Album A photo tribute to my friend
6/6/2022 Chastisement from Church Not Deserved Opposition to abortion is not one of the “central tenets of Christianity.”
6/7/2022 Stopping a Bad Guy With a Gun A gun-control graphic
6/7/2022 A Democratic Platform for 2022 A strategy for the 2022 elections
6/13/2022 Hard-Boiled Eggs My technique for boiling eggs
6/19/2022 Texas Republicans on Dismantling America The Texas GOP has lost its mind.
6/23/2022 Two Rediscovered Limericks Poems from years ago about my then bishop
6/25/2022 A First Reaction to Dobbs I am upset but not surprised. I provide a linked table of contents for the court’s opinion.
6/27/2022 Dashboard Another rediscovered humorous poem
6/28/2022 Urging the President to Action Something must be done about the out-of-control Supreme Court.
6/29/2022 Schroeder Update 13 The cat now has the run of the house.
7/2/2022 More on Dobbs Observations on the dissenting opinion
7/7/2022 Preventing Gun Violence Thoughts on red flag laws
7/7/2022 “Electoral” How to pronounce the word
7/9/2022 Course of American Rights, 2022 A new poem
7/11/2022 Diane L. Duntley Laid to Rest My friend is buried
7/20/2022 Volunteer A flower appears without a known origin.
7/20/2022 Democrats and Messaging Suggestions for Democrats
7/22/2022 Feeding the Hummingbirds I finally found a hummingbird feeder that works well.
8/4/2022 Schroeder: A Cat Who Needs a New Home Cat free to good home
8/4/2022 Schroeder: A Cat Who Needs a New Home Cat free to good home
8/11/2022 Our Democracy Is About to be Tested Will Trump get away with stealing government documents?
8/24/2022 Schroeder Goes to His New Home Today The Schroeder adventure has a happy ending.
8/26/2022 The Catholic Court There are too many Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court.
8/30/2022 My Multigrain Bread Recipe A recipe I’ve worked on for a while
9/4/2022 A New Battery for My Honda CR-V Car batteries don’t last forever.
9/21/2022 A Fetterman Rally Attending a rally for a Senate candidate
9/30/2022 Two (or maybe three) Language Complaints Various complaints about language use
10/20/2022 “Shambles” A word that probably doesn’t mean what you think it means
10/26/2022 What Do We Need in Our Citizens? Children need to be educated, not just trained.
10/29/2022 Watching Out for the Loonies How can we identify disturbed, potentially violent, people in advance?
11/9/2022 Thoughts on Midterm Elections Democrats beat the eyes
12/5/2022 U.S. Oaths of Office We keep injecting God into our national ceremonies.
1/7/2023 Grievances vs. Resentments A useful distinction in political discourse
1/18/2023 When Is a Fetus a Human Being? “When Does Life Begin?” is the wrong question.
1/19/2023 Let’s Slay the Debt-Ceiling Dragon We should get rid of the debt ceiling once and for all.
2/2/2023 Pull Out All the Stops A phrase with more than one origin story
2/6/2023 More Frustration from Facebook Why can’t Facebook get things right?
2/8/2023 Table of Contents Returns This table of contents has been brought up-to-date.
2/10/2023 A Hospital Adventure Checking in at a new hospital
2/14/2023 Clapping on Jeopardy! Can the applause possibly be sincere?
2/14/2023 Views of My New Church Church photos on a sunny day
2/16/2023 Non-binary Pronouns New pronouns are needed. Here’s a proposal.
2/23/2023 “Reform” Journalists should be more careful about using this word.
2/27/2023 New Curve-stitch Designs Generalizing an old design
3/1/2023 Writing Someone Else’s Congressperson This simple task can get complicated.
3/1/2023 Adolescent Women Is this an odd phrase?
3/4/2023 A Disclaimer for Fox News Now that we know how Fox News operates, it should alert its viewers.
3/4/2023 GOP: The Party of Freedom A graphic lists “freedoms” the Republican Party is peddling.
3/11/2023 Q Why is this letter showing up in the names of so many medications?
3/13/2023 On the SVB Collapse This certainly looks like a bailout.
3/26/2023 Thoughts on Trump’s Legal Future How should Trump be treated if indicted for insurrection?
3/27/2023 A Public Opinion Questionnaire What school policies do we want politicians to support?
3/30/2023 Baseball Changes The new MLB season will be very different.
4/1/2023 A Walking Tour of Clifton Springs A stroll through part of the village
4/4/2023 Of Course, It’s Political Investigations of Donald Trump are indeed political. So what?
4/10/2023 Fed Up Primarily a graphic urging liberals to fight for their beliefs.
4/28/2023 Lamenting the Loss of the Red Envelopes I will miss getting DVDs and Blu-ray disks by mail.
5/20/2023 Kill the Debt Ceiling Once and for All President Biden should pay the nation’s bills and cite the Fourteenth Amendment as his authority.
5/27/2023 Lessons from the CNN Trump Town Hall Journalists must do a better job of controlling Donald Trump.
6/14/2023 Trial of the Century A Trump trial may deserve the name.
 7/2/2023 Discrimination and the Student Loan Forgiveness Program One argument against the Biden student loan forgiveness program is ridiculous.
 7/4/2023 An Independence Day Meditation Thoughts on Independence Day 2023.
 7/6/2023 CDs from the Library Exploring the offerings from the local library
 7/19/2023 “Yo” Missing English pronouns and inability to comment on the matter.
 8/12/2023 A Delightful Organ Concert A concert on an 1852 organ
 8/14/2023 Meteor Hunting Viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower
 8/14/2023 Lock Him Up! We need to both punish Trump and shut him up.
 8/26/2023 Observations on the Recent GOP Debate These debates could be better.
 9/4/2023 A Meditation on Donald Trump and Juries What should a jury be like? Could I be on a Trump jury?
 9/11/2023 Digital Invariants Discussion Revised The section of  my Web site concerning PPDIs/Armstrong numbers has been updated.
 9/18/2023 Terrible Customer Support: Nu Skin Edition Nu Skin Customer Service leaves much to be desired.
 10/14/2023 No Eclipse A partial eclipse came on a cloudy day.
 11/7/2023 Fisk Jubilee Singers A much enjoyed choral concert.
 12/4/2023 Terri Schiavo, Revisited An MSNBC documentary caused me to revisit what I wrote about Terri Schiavo in 2005.

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