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Welcome to My Church
 Lionel E. Deimel

In 2007 and 2008, as schism loomed in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh sponsored a number of newspaper ads promoting the Episcopal Church. It was hoped that these ads would not only promote the church in general but would also cause members of parishes likely to follow Bishop Duncan out of the Episcopal Church to have second thoughts. At the fall 2008 diocesan convention, many churches did indeed leave the Episcopal Diocese.

The theme of these ads was “Welcome to My Church.” Members of friendly churches were recruited to offer personal testimony not about the Episcopal Church generally but about their own churches and what of value they find there.

The ads were placed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and displayed on the Web at a WelcomeToMyChurch.Org Web site that is no longer active. The contents of that site can be viewed by clicking on the button below. The pages are displayed in their original form (except as described below), and some information may be out of date. Also, the e-mail addresses for comments and for the Webmaster are no longer working.

You will notice a large blank space near the bottom of each page describing the ad for a particular church. Originally, a map of the area around the church was displayed in this space. Because Google has changed the mechanism for displaying a map on a Web page and because the original pages are offered here without editing, those maps do not display. However, clicking on “View Larger Map” displays in a separate window the map formerly shown on the page.

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— LED, 8/25/2023

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