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Unit Analysis and Testing
by Lionel E. Deimel and
Larry J. Morell

Because I had had a longstanding interest in software testing, I was delighted to find that testing was one of the topics being address by the Software Engineering Institute’s Education Program when I first arrived at Carnegie Mellon University to spend the summer of 1986 as a Visiting Scientist. Larry Morell, then of The College of William and Mary, was writing a “curriculum module” that came to be called Unit Testing and Analysis.  Over several years, I helped Larry edit and revise his curriculum module, eventually becoming co-author of the second version of 1992, which was re-titled Unit Analysis and Testing (citation).

SEI curriculum modules are guides to understanding and teaching areas of software engineering. Initially, the intended reader was a professor of computer science (or related Hands on keyboarddiscipline) who needed to understand the important concepts in a subject area, to be introduced to the relevant literature, and to be given teaching suggestions. It was later realized that these brief but dense publications could be helpful to software professionals as well.

Since Unit Analysis and Testing was written in 1992, it is no longer an up-to-date guide to evaluating software modules. Most of the material is still relevant, however, and the curriculum module presents a useful framework for understanding unit analysis and testing. Larry Morell, by the way, now heads the Computer & Information Science Department at Arkansas Tech University.



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— LED, 5/31/2007

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