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by Lionel E. Deimel


A woman cannot get much of a tan

In Afghanistan.


One had best not speak of one’s vaginaNo

In China.


One cannot exhibit pictures of labia

In Arabia.


A girl mustn’t show too much breast

In the Midwest.


It’s risky to own a picture of a naked boy

In Perth Amboy.


Happily, a guy on the beach can still get a thrill

In Brazil.


This began as a list of synonyms for “naked” and turned into an exercise of rhyming words with place names. I discarded a verse rhyming “puke” with “Dubuque,” but some readers will no doubt regret my failure to discard other verses as well. This is another poem inspired, at least remotely, by Ogden Nash. (Written 6/15/2002.)

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