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by Lionel E. Deimel

It’s oatmeal for breakfast today! Hurray!


With raisins and sugar to jazz up the taste,

It’s a yummy hot dish not eaten in haste.


Vanilla or cinnamon’s a lovely addition,

And for putting in nuts, I will show no contrition.


Oatmeal improves our cholesterol number

In addition to helping us overcome slumber.


It’s almost like cookies in liquefied form—

A comforting morning desert, only warm.


So do enjoy this morning’s treat,

Tomorrow’s breakfast is Cream of Wheat.



Bowl of hot oatmeal

I was not fond of oatmeal as a child. As an adult, I have learned to eat it, motivated by its reputed health benefits. When flavored judiciously, oatmeal can be quite tasty. This poem was inspired by an oatmeal breakfast shared with a friend. I may have exaggerated my opinion of the virtues of oatmeal in reaction to a sense that the breakfast was but a modest one. As you might guess, I have never liked Cream of Wheat, though I understand that, like oatmeal, it can be improved with added ingredients.

This poem was the subject of many minor edits before I was happy with it. My first draft rhymed “cholesterol” with “best of all,” which seemed clever, but the resulting couplet was nonetheless defective. I permuted the words of the first line and composed a completely new second line.

By the way, although I try other variations occasionally, my usual oatmeal contains brown sugar, vanilla extract, raisins, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

— LED, 2/8/2009

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