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Scroll and QuillI am an inveterate news and science junkie, and a keen observer of all things beneath the notice of most normal people. I sometimes feel compelled to write essays based on my observation and analysis, and I share some of those essays here. I hope to be entertaining, thought-provoking, and occasionally even surprising.

The essays here are practical, political, social, and personal. They are mostly serious, but occasionally light, even quirky. I invite your feedback on what I’ve written. Send your comments via e-mail. (See link at the bottom of this page or click on the Contact Information button at the left.)

In February 2002, I created my own blog, which I named Lionel Deimel’s Web Log. Back then, the word “blog” was not as common as it is now. I have chosen to retain that somewhat old-fashioned name. My goal was have a vehicle for posting brief, informal essays on the Web. In practice, some of my posts have turned out to be long and formal. My blog is as much a farrago as is this Web site. A complete, annotated, chronological listing of my Web log posts can be found on the Site Map page.

— LED, 2/9/2023

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Michigan Lessons—on the Michigan presidential primary, 2/23/2000

A Few Questions about Selecting Presidential Candidates—some post-primary thoughts, 3/15/2000)

The People's Choice—on winning elections by plurality, 4/5/2000

Early Chow—snapshot of life as an Army bandsman, 5/28/2000

Elián's Legacy—on the lessons of the Elián Gonzales affair, 7/2/2000

The Marriage Penalty—on tax policy, 9/2/2000

Eleventh-hour Advice for Al Gore—campaign advice for a presidential candidate, 10/26/2000

The People's Choice (Round Two)—plurality voting gets us into trouble in Florida, 11/11/2000

What's in a Name?—how we talk about the terrorist attacks, 9/16/2001

The Four-way Stop—more thoughts than you ever wanted to deal with concerning this common type of intersection, 11/29/2001

Black Hawk Down—a reflection on (though not quite a review of) the 2001 Ridley Scott move, 1/28/2002

A Warning to Catholic Bishops—isolating parish property may not be an inspired idea, 6/13/2002

Blinking Lights—blinking lights return to an ordinary computer user, 12/5/2002

Christian Morality in the White House—why not everyone (or even every Christian) is pleased with President Bush’s brand of morality, 4/3/2003

Rick's Fix—evaluating a controversial statement by Senator Rick Santorum, 4/26/2003

Where Are the Politicians?—why so few politicians are weighing in on the Texas sodomy decision, 6/27/2003

Not Your Money—evolving Republican attitudes toward taxes, 7/7/2004

The Pledge of Allegiance Revisited—“under God” is not the only problem with the Pledge of Allegiance, 7/21/2004

Musashi's Last Day—the story of the death of one of my cats, 1/15/2005

What's It All About, Terri?—a commentary on the Terri Schiavo affair, 4/5/2005

Thankful—thoughts on some patriotic slogans as Independence Day approaches, 6/30/2005

National World War II Memorial — an evaluation of a new Washington, D.C., monument, 7/19/2005

Aphorisms — a modest collection of original aphorisms, revised 4/27/2016

The Videocassette Indexing Problem Solved — my latest scheme for keeping track of what’s on my videocassettes, 12/7/2006

The Annotated Mark Lawrence — commentary on the recent Q & A from the Very Rev. Mark Lawrence offered in support of his being consecrated Bishop of South Carolina, 12/12/2006

Syringes for My Cat — dealing with syringes for a diabetic cat, 9/25/2010

A Matter of Mottos — “In God we trust” vs. "E pluribus unum,” 4/23/2016

Another MLB Safety Concern — the danger of chairs in foul ground, 3/3/2019

A Comprehensive Examination of the Abortion Question — an essay written shortly before the Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional right to have an abortion, 4/4/2023

Rhymes in “Paul Revere’s Ride” — an analysis of the rhymes in the famous Longfellow poem, 4/6/2023

The Heritage Foundation Attacks Ranked Choice Voting—a conservative think tank attacks a better voting system, 5/7/2023

Defending Benjamin Franklin—defending the longstanding name of a high school, 6/14/2023

Who Will Be the GOP Presidential Candidate in 2024?—analysis of the race for the nomination, 6/28/2023

Cataract Surgery—a personal account of eye operations, 7/4/2023

Thoughts on Independence Day, 2023—thoughts on the state of the Union, 7/4/2023

Tweaking the Electoral College—suggesting a change to make the Electoral College more democratic, 8/20/2023

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