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Scroll and QuillI am an inveterate news and science junkie, and a keen observer of all things beneath the notice of most normal people. I sometimes feel compelled to write essays based on my observation and analysis, and I share some of those essays here. If you visit regularly, I hope that I can be entertaining, thought-provoking, and perhaps even surprising.

Much of my writing might be characterized as op-ed material; I usually deal with politics or public policy issues. I do write off-the-wall stuff now and then, however, such as “The Four-way Stop.” Feel free to e-mail me your reactions, comments, and suggestions. Just click on my address at the bottom of this or any other page. Click on the Contact Information button at the left for other ways of communicating with me.

In February 2002, I began a Web log for brief (and probably not too polished) observations. Purists will, no doubt, argue that this is not really a Web log at all, as I add to it infrequently, even if I do use Web log software (from Blogger) to maintain the site. Well, there is some truth in that charge. The ability to add a new essay simply, however, lets me indulge my eccentricities, so the essays in Lionel Deimel’s Web Log may have a quirkiness more in evidence than in the essays below, which some visitors will find especially attractive. Many of the essays would otherwise end up here. The rest mostly concern language. A complete, chronological listing of my Web log essays can be found on the Site Map page.

— LED, 6/30/2005

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Michigan Lessons—on the Michigan presidential primary, 2/23/2000

A Few Questions about Selecting Presidential Candidates—some post-primary thoughts, 3/15/2000)

The People's Choice—on winning elections by plurality, 4/5/2000

Early Chow—snapshot of life as an Army bandsman, 5/28/2000

Elián's Legacy—on the lessons of the Elián Gonzales affair, 7/2/2000

The Marriage Penalty—on tax policy, 9/2/2000

Eleventh-hour Advice for Al Gore—campaign advice for a presidential candidate, 10/26/2000

The People's Choice (Round Two)—plurality voting gets us into trouble in Florida, 11/11/2000

What's in a Name?—how we talk about the terrorist attacks, 9/16/2001

The Four-way Stop—more thoughts than you ever wanted to deal with concerning this common type of intersection, 11/29/2001

Black Hawk Down—a reflection on (though not quite a review of) the 2001 Ridley Scott move, 1/28/2002

A Warning to Catholic Bishops—isolating parish property may not be an inspired idea, 6/13/2002

Blinking Lights—blinking lights return to an ordinary computer user, 12/5/2002

Christian Morality in the White House—why not everyone (or even every Christian) is pleased with President Bush’s brand of morality, 4/3/2003

Rick's Fix—evaluating a controversial statement by Senator Rick Santorum, 4/26/2003

Where Are the Politicians?—why so few politicians are weighing in on the Texas sodomy decision, 6/27/2003

Not Your Money—evolving Republican attitudes toward taxes, 7/7/2004

The Pledge of Allegiance Revisited—“under God” is not the only problem with the Pledge of Allegiance, 7/21/2004

Musashi's Last Day—the story of the death of one of my cats, 1/15/2005

What's It All About, Terri?—a commentary on the Terri Schiavo affair, 4/5/2005

Thankful—thoughts on some patriotic slogans as Independence Day approaches, 6/30/2005

National World War II Memorial — an evaluation of a new Washington, D.C., monument, 7/19/2005

Aphorisms — a modest collection of original aphorisms, revised 4/27/2016

The Videocassette Indexing Problem Solved — my latest scheme for keeping track of what’s on my videocassettes, 12/7/2006

The Annotated Mark Lawrence — commentary on the recent Q & A from the Very Rev. Mark Lawrence offered in support of his being consecrated Bishop of South Carolina, 12/12/2006

Syringes for My Cat — dealing with syringes for a diabetic cat, 9/25/2010

A Matter of Mottos — “In God we trust” vs. "E pluribus unum,” 4/23/2016

Another MLB Safety Concern — the danger of chairs in foul ground, 3/3/2019

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