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Computer with pencil cupFor most of my life, my writing has been confined to correspondence and technical subjects. I did write a short story titled  “First Christmas on the Moon” in junior high school. As I remember, that story was not long on character development.

I am still more at home with the essay, but, in my maturity, I am at least willing to give fiction a try. Don't expect Poe or O. Henry or Stephen King, for that matter.

Weekend Practice” has been somewhat controversial, although it hasn’t been the subject of literary criticism.

Veritas,” I think, was written in high school.

Trump 2024” is, not surprisingly, political. It could have be filed under Commentary, but I decided to put it here. It is my hope that this piece is wildly exaggerated. It is my fear that it is not.

Do feel free to e-mail me your reactions, comments, and suggestions. Just click on my address at the bottom of this or any other page.

— LED, 12/18/2016

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Weekend Practice—coming-of-age short story

Veritas—short juvenile story of human arrogance

Trump 2024—what America might be like near the end of Donald Trump’s second term



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