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by Lionel E. Deimel


Popcorn in a box

I keep few snacks around the house;

If I kept more, I would only eat them,

Consuming hundreds of unneeded calories.



I have never been tempted to try drugs

Because I recognize my own powerlessness

Before a bag of potato chips.


Bag and bowl of potato chips

But there are times when one must have a snack—

A chocolate bar, a cookie, a pretzel,

Even a stalk of celery, for God’s sake!



Desperation can lead to odd treats—

Crackers with ketchup-mustard dip

Or peanut butter on carrots.



Today, the cookie jar is empty,

And there is no fruit in the refrigerator;

There is no cheese, not even any broccoli.



What’s in this foil pouch?

Ah, tasty chicken nuggets.

Why is there a cat on the package?




Not much needs to be said about this poem, except to disclaim a degree of originality for it. I got the idea for the poem from a commercial I saw on television a few days ago. In that commercial, a man is enjoying a snack from a foil pouch and wonders why there is a cat pictured on the pouch. I did not catch the name of the product being advertised. (Written 1/23/2002.)

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