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Do Astrologers Have More Fun?

by Lionel E. Deimel



Accoutrements of the occult

Are astrologers happier than the rest of us?

Do they see the rocks in lifeís shallow waters

And avoid the shipwrecks common in most lives?


Do astrologers become wealthy?

Do they seize the opportunities others overlook

And always buy low and sell high?


Are astrologers long-lived?

Do they put safety first whenever it really matters

And eat right, avoiding foods that next year will be declared harmful?


Wanda cast horoscopes and read tarot cards.

Thrice divorced and living alone in a run-down house,

She was in poor health when she died of a stroke after a minor auto accident.


Are astrologers happier than the rest of us?

Probably not.



I wanted a verse to put into a get-well card I was sending to my mother-in-law, who recently had bypass surgery. We get along well, but I have always been uncomfortable with her fascination with astrology and faith in chiropractic and homeopathy. The poem that emerged failed to capture my shock upon hearing of her condition or my sincere concern for her rapid recovery. The verse was not about her at all, though it is perhaps in the spirit of the arguments we have had over the years. Well, Virginia loves good humor. Get well soon. (Written 2/2/2002.)

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