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Light Rail

by Lionel E. Deimel


Light rail train receding down track
Copyright © Lionel Deimel


Handing the motorman my transfer,

I descend the steps to the suburban platform

And walk beside the train toward the street.


With a husky whisper, the rear of the train speeds toward me;

I turn as it passes

And watch the marker lights fade and disappear around a curve.


In the shadows, I stare down the track,

Remembering the interurban I was born too late to know

Receding into the rural night.


Returning from seeing a play in downtown Pittsburgh the other night, I got off the light rail train around 10 pm at the suburban stop near my house. As I watched the train disappear down the track, I thought of the era when trolleys traversed a good deal of empty real estate. The photograph was taken in daylight, as the scene is pretty challenging at night. The platform is brightly lit, but the track where the train is seen would be quite dark. (Written 2/23/2002.)

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