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How Can I Miss You?

by Lionel E. Deimel


How can I miss you if you wonít go away?

My heart canít grow fonder as long as you stay.

Donít wait for tomorrow; instead, seize the dayó

How can I miss you if you wonít go away?


I canít reminisce while you hover about;

I canít suppress loathing and anger and doubt.

It really is time to get up and get out;

I canít reminisce while you hover about.


Iím sure, were you elsewhere, youíd seem very dear,

And my thoughts of our past might occasion a tear.

But, about certain matters, I need to be clearó

How can I love you as long as youíre here?



Exit sign


A friend recited the first line of this poem at a late-night gathering in a Johnstown motel room. She said the line was not original, but she clearly liked it, and I did, too. Driving home to Pittsburgh by myself, I wrote a poem to go with the line. (I donít actually recommend writing while driving, but you can do it if you donít care much about penmanship.) I donít want to offer much commentary on this poem, but I should say that I was not inspired by quarrelling lovers.

ó LED, 11/3/2007

In reviewing poems related to Anglican conflict, it struck me that my original description of this poem was very circumspect. The reason I was in Johnstown was to attend the annual convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. It was at the 2007 convention that the first reading of the constitutional amendments intended to facilitate the ďrealignmentĒ of the diocese that was completed the next year. The poem could easily be addressed to a lover (or former lover), but the intended ďyouĒ of the poem was actually the diocesan bishop promoting schism, Robert Duncan. He has, of course, now gone away, but Iím not missing him yet.

ó LED, 12/24/2008

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