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Farewell, Nano; Hello, Lou

by Lionel E. Deimel



Our interim, Nano, is leaving,

Occasioning serious grieving;

Our searchers are tired,

But a rector’s been hired,

And to TEC, still, we’ll be cleaving.


The Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker The Rev. Louis B. Hays

Departing Interim Rector Nano Chanlfant-Walker
and new Rector Lou Hays


Today is the final Sunday at St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon,  for Interim Rector Nano (Nancy) Chalfant-Walker. Rector Louis B. Hays takes over on October 1. Both because I had written a poem on the occasion of her becoming interim and because I have grown quite fond of Nano, I thought I should write a poem commemorating her departure. The earlier poem was a limerick (see “Canon Mary Changes Her Mind”), so another limerick—even if a bit idiosyncratic—seemed an appropriate bookend.

Only a few notes are needed to explain this quickly written poem. My fondness for Nano seems universal in the parish, so I believe that there is much sadness at her leaving, even though there is also recognition that it is high time to install a permanent rector. The “searchers” in the poem are, of course, the hard-working members of the Search Committee who identified Lou Hays as the next rector. “TEC” is to be read “T-E-C.” This has become the new standard acronym for The Episcopal Church.

As it happens, Nano is reading a statement from the vestry in church today reiterating its intent to keep the parish in The Episcopal Church, come what may.

— LED, 9/23/2007

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