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Prayer for Memorial Day
Lionel E. Deimel

Dear God, on this day we dedicate to the memory of those who died in defense of our country and its declared ideals, let us not forget the many whose death resulted from dreams of empire, hubris, or adventurism. Help us to comprehend and repent of errors that have needlessly cost lives, and give us the wisdom and humility to act, as a nation, with love and compassion, informed by the teachings of the Prince of Peace, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Grave and flowers


This prayer was written on Memorial Day 2017 (May 29, 2017). It was inspired by a prayer posted on Facebook that spoke of warriors who died fighting for freedom and peace. I thought that, although many Americans died for such ideals, many others died in wars that, in retrospect, are rather embarrassing. (Iíll let readers fill in their own list of ill-conceived wars and battles.)

My prayer is surely not the ideal standalone Memorial Day prayer. In fact, I would like to think that most Americans who died in the service in their country did indeed sacrifice their lives for freedom and peace. We should repent, however, for the lives lost for causes that were less admirable.

ó Lionel Deimel, 6/1/2017

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