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Christian Unity

by Lionel E. Deimel

Chalice and wafer 


Around the table gathered, we

Are one in sweet community,

For Christ has ransomed one and all

Who answer to his loving call.


We worship God in many ways;

We celebrate on different days;

But Jesus is the guiding star

For Christians near and Christians far.


Godís plan for us is seldom clear;

We may a different drummer hear;

Yet, if we study and we pray,

The kingdom will be ours some day.


So let us vow to never fight

About whoís wrong and who is right

Concerning truths we cannot know

That turn our Christian friend to foe.


And let our worship fit our needs;

Let us unite in Christian deeds;

May we Godís love and mercy show

To those who donít the Savior know.


The inspiration for this poem was a line in a song playing on the radio, to which I was paying scant attention. The line was something about unity in a non-religious context. My poem is a plea for Christians to stop arguing about questions that can have no definitive answers and to get on with helping our neighbors and spreading the Gospel. This is, of course, a controversial idea.

The poem was written 9/1/2002. Two lines were revised 4/21/2003.

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