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Camper E-mail

by Lionel E. Deimel


The campers send their messages to one another.

They are not profound;Computer with e-mail messages

They are not original;

They are sincere—

“I love you. I miss you.”

“I want to see you again.”

“Have you heard from the Italians?”

“Don’t send chain letters.”

“It’s awfully quiet; please write, somebody.”

“Nothing is new here.”

“I love you all.”

“I will never forget any of you.”


I should perhaps not take much credit for this poem. After my son Geoffrey returned from a CISV camp in Brazil, I set up an e-mail list to facilitate communication among the campers, who were from all over the world. This poem was meant to communicate the spirit of the messages that were sent to that list. (Written August 15, 1997.)

Children's International Summer Villages is a wonderful organization that brings together children from all over the world to foster peace and understanding, a mission that now seems more important than ever. There are national CISV organizations throughout the world, each with many local chapters. U.S. residents can identify local chapters at the CISV USA Web site.

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