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Monitor Cat

by Lionel E. Deimel
Cat on monitor


Cat on my monitor—in sleep, so serene,

Breathing quite slowly on top of my screen,

Occasionally stirring and moving around,

Then settling back with hardly a sound.


Sometimes up front, or hidden behind,

The cat can become a cat out-of-mind,

But, once in a while, a loud crash I will hear,

And the cat tumbles down to the desk on her ear.



Pleased with my last cat poem, I thought I would try writing another one. Sorry if I seem obsessed with sleeping cats, but cats really do sleep a lot. This poem was inspired by my Bombay Eve, who spends a lot of time on top of my 19-inch Sony Triniton monitor. Eve sometimes reclines directly above the screen, but she more often drapes herself over the sloping rear of the monitor, where it is warmest and where some or all of her body can disappear from view. Occasionally, she loses her balance while sleeping, and she crashes onto my desk, knocking over pencil holders, scattering papers, and looking very startled. She then usually runs out of my office, no doubt leaving me looking very startled.

I finished this poem 6/4/2008. I have received complaints that it is unlikely that Eve really falls “on her ear.”  Perhaps not, though her falls are quite graceless. In any case, the phrase was meant metaphorically. I removed what seemed like an unnecessary comma in the last line on 2/9/2009.

— LED, 2/9/2009

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