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The Amazing Cat

by Lionel E. Deimel

The cat is quite amazing

In its penchant for repose,

In its talent for relaxing

On a bed or pile of clothes.


A cat can lie on anything

And promptly drift away;

It can sleep all through the night,

Despite its resting through the day.


My cats sleep in my office

On all manner of debris;

I hope they don’t trade comfort

Just to hang around with me.



Napping cat


The domestic cat is known for its spending such a high proportion of its life asleep, and anyone who has lived with cats knows that their choices of places to take a nap aren’t, at least by human standards, the obvious ones. My own cats seem to have a strong preference for being in the same room I am in, even if we are not interacting with one another. (As I write this, Eve is sleeping atop my 19” monitor, and Zeke is sleeping on a couple of magazines on the floor.)

I was inspired by the habit of my cats to rest in unlikely places, particularly in front of my computer monitor, in spite of whatever notebook, pen, checkbook, or other objects may already be occupying my desktop. I wrote the first line, which encouraged me to try finishing the poem.

As I was writing the poem, I was uncertain just what tone I was striving for. It did not really become a humorous poem—I hope it is a humorous poem—until I got to the end. Several additional verses remain unfinished, which is likely all for the best. (My attempt to rhyme “belied” and “reified” was likely never a good idea.) I wrote the poem 5/26/2008.

Below is a picture of Eve on the other desk in my office. (Neither of the desks in my office could be called neat.) She is awake here, showing off her beautiful eyes, but she had been sleeping before this picture was taken.

Eve on desk
Copyright © Lionel Deimel

— LED, 8/16/2008

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