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The Uses of Program Reading
by Lionel E. Deimel

Computer programs are written in what are rightly called languages. Computer languages share many characteristics of natural languages, though they are more formally defined and substantially less forgiving. In teaching programming, we generally emphasize writing programs. Reading programs is a skill we seem to expect students to pick up in the process of writing and debugging. Students develop rudimentary reading skills through interaction with their own composition and by examining textbook examples. They have little exposure to real complete, well-written programs.

In a sense, the way we teach programming is a bit like teaching short-story writing without ever allowing students to read any short stories. Reading programs not only helps students write programs better, but it also helps them develop skills useful for program maintenance and debugging.

“The Uses of Program Reading” is a paper I published in SIGCSE Bulletin in 1985 (citation). I had many reasons to think about program reading. (As an aside, I should add that most papers on this topic speak of  “program comprehension,” though I could argue that “program reading” is a somewhat broader concept.) When I was an undergraduate computer consultant at the University of Chicago, I was amused that the mother of another student had developed a reputation for helping students debug their programs. Her secret—she actually knew nothing about programming—was to ask students about their programs and require  answers. In other words, she made students actually read what they had written, not rely on what they thought they had written. Of course I developed reading skills on my own in the course of writing programs. As a teacher, I not only had to read student programs but also help teaching assistants do the same.

Several years after writing “The Uses of Program Reading,” I refined the ideas in the paper and offered guidance for teaching reading in a publication of the Software Engineering Institute. (See  “Reading Computer Programs:: Instructor’s Guide and Exercises.”)



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— LED, 4/2/2023


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