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Back Together

by Lionel E. Deimel


I don’t know why I strayed from you;

I didn’t seek a love affair.

She gave her warmth; she gave me hope;

I don’t know why I felt despair.


Can you and I get back together?

I hope we can.


I didn’t know you had betrayed

The love that you and I once shared.

Perhaps I knew things were not right,

Yet cheating caught me unprepared.


Can you and I get back together?

I hope we can.


That Mary had a knowing look

I took to be a sign of grace.

I didn’t know—could not believe—

You, too, had been in her embrace.


Can you and I get back together?

I hope we can.

I really, truly hope we can.



This lyric was written for an on-line songwriting course. I also had to write music for the lyric and to perform it. Being neither an arranger nor a vocal soloist, I’ll spare you my performance. Below, you can see the music and listen to my melody. The song was written in April 2013 and revised in December.

Knowing that the performance aspects of my assignment were going to be only so impressive, I thought I should get as far away as possible from the whole moon-June sort of conventional sentiment. Somehow, this led me to the unconventional love triangle of “Back Together.”

My tune, of course, is in need of an arranger, but you can get the idea of what I was trying to do here. This was the first time I set out to write a tune in a minor key, by the way.

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— LED, 12/11/2013

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