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A Trump Alphabet

by Lionel E. Deimel


“A” is for Arrogant

Whatever the policy, subject, or skill,

Though your talent is common to few,

Whether study or practice is thought to be meet,

Donald Trump thinks he’s better than you.


“B” is for Bombastic

A Donald Trump speech is a rambling rant,

Distressing to see and to hear;

It’s peppered with gestures, repetition, and cant.

Is Trump crazy or just insincere?


“C” is for Clueless

The art of governing’s an unknown skill;

Trump really hasn’t a clue

How the branches of government are supposed to relate

And what he can and can’t do.


“D” is for Distractible

After watching many hours of Fox,

Crazy orders are issued by POTUS;

Panicked minions then choose to ignore them,

And it’s likely that Trump doesn’t notice.


“E” is for Egotistical

Trump’s ego’s as big as outdoors;

He cannot abide any slight;

Inaugural crowds were “the biggest of all,”

And not once has the prez been contrite.


“F” is for Fickle

Donald Trump’s word is not to be trusted;

What he says is good just for today;

Tomorrow, his views are being adjusted

To keep his detractors at bay.


“G” is for Graceless

A President Trump is in no way genteel;

His words are vulgar and coarse;

For photos, thinking that he’s a big wheel,

He elbows past others by force.


“H” is for Hypocritical

When a personal server handled Hillary’s mail,

Trump argued that Clinton should pay,

But when charged with stealing some classified docs,

Trump denounced a rogue DOJ.


“I” is for Ignorant

Trump’s actions seem often improper,

But the fault may not really be his;

His schooling’s apparently lacking

A good sense of what was and what is.


Need I say that this is a work in progress?

I began creating this Trump alphabet when Donald Trump was in the White House and have continued to edit and enlarge it. I don’t lack for titles, but, as I work through the alphabet, the poems become increasingly difficult. This is because I need to illustrate the attributes asserted in the title while keeping those attributes distinct.

I hope eventually to complete this alphabet, but I don’t know how long that might take. Were Trump to exit the public arena—by being sent to prison, for example—my enthusiasm for this project might wane. For now, however, I think people might like to see my progress so far.

— LED, 10/4/2023

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