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Movie Disc

by Lionel E. Deimel


The disc contains much more than I expected.

The film we saw in theaters is here

And also a directorís cut,

An unrated version,

And scenes deleted for God knows what reason.

The authors tell what they were about,

How scenes were made,

How actors were chosen,

And how the music came to be.

They tell where locations were found

Or built inside computers.

Stunts that boggle the mind are explained,

Their actions made to seem as real as my desk or chair.

But which version of the film is best?

Which version is definitive?

Which version should I remember, forgetting the others?

Which version should I tell friends about?

I want to know what really happened.

I want to know which story is real,

Even though I know that all versions are only fiction.



I was watching a movie on disc and was struck by the fact that I was offered three versions of the film. The versions were not remarkably different, but key scenes were different, and not all versions ended the same way. I had a strong desire to know how the story
really ended. Of course, the moviemakers could end it however they wanted. My irrational desire was, I suppose, indicative of just how realistic the movie seemed to me.

ó LED, 9/24/2023

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