A Resolution from the Standing Committee
of the Diocese of San Diego

The following was addressed to the Secretary of General Convention and to deputies from the Diocese of San Diego and was adopted by a majority of Standing Committee members of the Diocese of San Diego:

 We, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of San Diego, support the Theological Statement on Sexuality endorsed by the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church. We prayerfully agree that it is not appropriate for this Church to move forward with the blessing of same sex unions, nor develop liturgies for this purpose. Furthermore, we support our own Bishop’s statement that we are not of one mind in this church on this issue and are not prepared to legislate any move in this direction. The consent of the election of the Rev. Canon Gene Robinson, an openly gay man living with his lover and practicing a homosexual lifestyle, we believe, is a move toward the fragmentation of our church. We therefore respectfully ask the General Convention meeting in Minneapolis, 2003, to vote “no” to Canon Robinson’s election, as well as reject the development of liturgies for the blessing of same sex unions and the ordination of persons practicing a homosexual lifestyle. We support our Bishop, Gethin Hughes, and stand behind him as he leads our diocese through what has become a difficult and, perhaps, defining moment in our beloved Church.