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A Twitter Poem

by Lionel E. Deimel


Can I write a poem in a tweet,

Employing severest brevity?

Itís hard to convey an idea thatís complete,

Much less one deserving longevity.

Twitter logo

I was prompted to write a poem that could be sent via Twitter by the NPR program Tell Me More. The program was celebrating National Poetry Month with a segment called ďMuses and Metaphor 2012.Ē Listeners were being invited to send in poems of ď140 characters or fewer.Ē

Without too much effort, I wrote a poem. I did so in Microsoft Word because Word keeps a character count. Unfortunately, Word was not counting spaces, but Twitter does. Here is the original poem, which was too long:

How can I write a poem in a tweet,
Expressing my thoughts with such brevity?
I can hardly convey an idea thatís complete,
Much less one that warrants longevity.

I then began composing directly in Twitter, which led to the 138 character poem above. Then I read the directions for submitting my poem and discovered that I had to include the hashtag #TMMPoetry. Rather than cut down my poem even more, I tweeted a link to my blog, where I posted the poem.

Twitter is really not a good place to publish poetry.

The poem was completed on April 10, 2012.

ó LED, 1/24/2013

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