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Small Talk

by Lionel E. Deimel


Oh, Iím probably like you;

I have trouble with my computer sometimes.

Hard driveJust the other day, I was getting lots of errors because the partition holding my swap file was very low on free space.

I moved some big folders to my D drive, and everything is fine now.



Well, getting your configuration just right can be tricky.

When I added a CD-ROM drive, it was tough getting it to work on the same controller as a hard drive.

In fact, I had to use the cable select jumper.



Well, perhaps thatís a bad example.

Applications give me trouble, too.

Do you know I just learned to make a cell reference in my spreadsheet absolute and not relative?

KeyboardImagine!  After all these years!



Well, even word processors can be confusing.

I often still get it wrong when I have to add a section to a document and donít want to loose my letterhead header.



Well, maybe weíre not much alike.


Da Vinci man with CD-ROM


I long ago recognized that working with computers is, for me, as natural as breathing. Not everyone shares that feeling. (Written April 1998 and revised slightly 2/10/2003.)

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