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Girl Watching

by Lionel E. Deimel


Good legs;

Short skirt.


Plum lips;

White skin.






Smooth crotch.


Patent pumps;

Gold anklet.


Black silk;

Black leather.


Tight tee;

Outlined nipples.


Bare shoulders;

Spaghetti straps.





Soft neck;

Silk scarf.


Flowing hair;

Sudden turn.


Big blouse;

Windy day.



High boots;

High skirt.



Loose neckline;

Deep bend.


Long neck;

Dangling earring.



Atop head.


Sleeveless top;

Flash of breast.


Black tights;

Panty line.


Black tights;

No panty line.


Puckered lips


This piece needs little explanation. It was an early experimental effort, and I have always been more comfortable with the idea than the execution. There’s no real theory behind the formatting, by the way. I just thought I’d try something unconventional.

At one time, I began collecting “rejected verses” (“Heavy thighs;/Lumpy knees.”; “Pretty face;/Cigarette.”), but I decided not to pursue it.

I wrote this in April 1997 and revised it in March 2001. I added a verse—should I call them verses?—on 12/2/2014.

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