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Finding a Use for a
Rough Stone Wall
by Lionel E. Deimel


Returning to the house from the deck,

I rest my coffee on a protruding stone

To free a hand for the doorknob.

I retrieve my cup and slip through the doorway,

Astonished that I had never done that before.



Coffee mug


I had just finished reading a couple of chapters of Ted Kooserís new book, The Poetry Home Repair Manual, when I experienced what is described in this poem. Several pieces of advice that I had just read factored into its composition, including the notion that poems often arenít begun with ideas, and the suggestion that a title can free the poet from the need to cram too much detail into the poem itself. Kooser indeed seems correct in suggesting that the poetís ideas emerge through the poetry, even when it was not his intent to place them there. The moral of this poem, I suppose, is that we sometimes make discoveries quite unconsciously. And, of course, we might miss them if we arenít paying attention.

ó LED, 4/6/2005

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