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Bird with love letter

Love Letters

by Lionel E. Deimel

I want to tell you, “I love you,”

And all that those words entail,

But, although I'm determined to say it,

My resolve seems ever to fail.


I hope you know that I’m smitten,

From the times when I hold you near,

But I see in your eyes a deep longing

For my making my love for you clear.


The words, from my heart, don’t come freely,

Though my lips, against yours, try to tell

That I long to always be near you,

That your doubts I yearn to dispel.


So I take up my pen and paper

To set down my thoughts on the page

And tell you how much I adore you,

From now to the end of the age.


I don't know why writing is simpler,

Why it’s hard to converse face-to-face;

Perhaps I need quiet reflection

To express my feelings with grace.


Yet, express them I do, in my letters,

As real as if shouted aloud;

Your reply that you’re ready to marry

Makes this poor correspondent proud.

I have a fair amount of experience writing love letters—letters that have some undercurrent of romantic affection, in any case. Moreover, I am a person who finds it easier to express my emotions in writing, rather than aloud. Over the years, I have met many people who had courtships in which letters played a significant role. This poem, written over a period of a few days and completed 10/5/2008, is a celebration of writers.

— LED, 10/5/2008

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