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National Poetry Month 2009

by Lionel E. Deimel



We set aside a month each year

To celebrate the poetís art,

Re-reading poems that draw a tear,

Arouse the mind, or wound the heart.


We sample unfamiliar verse

Of poets weíve not known before;

We find some better, others worse,

Some may inspire, yet others bore.


Perhaps weíll write a line or two

To walk a mile in poet shoes,

To do the things that poets do

When theyíre inspired by the Muse.


We may give rap another chance

Or hear a poet read his stuff,

Attend to lyrics while we dance,

Explore the deep, enjoy the fluff.



National Poetry Month 2009 poster

While adding the National Poetry Month poster to my Web site, I was reminded that I hadnít actually written any poetry for a while. Why not write a poem on the subject of National Poetry Month itself? Why not indeed! I wrote this poem over several days, finishing it on Good Friday, 4/10/2009. There isnít too much to say about the poem that isnít obvious from reading it; itís a kind of to-do list for the monthís celebration of poetry.

ó LED, 4/10/2009

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