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Introduction to the Dialog
by Lionel Deimel

A lthough I sincerely wanted to encourage people to engage the issues before General Convention more fully, reading and responding to “Wounded in Common Mission” was difficult for me. To explain why, I offer two disclaimers. First, I am not an Anglo-Catholic, or even a cradle Episcopalian. I grew up Presbyterian in New Orleans, believing, ruefully, that Roman Catholics represented the dominant American religion. I developed a certain fascination with theology as a teenager. Because Catholicism seemed so alien to a Presbyterian and because the Roman Catholics seemed to exhibit a propensity to fabricate doctrine out of whole cloth, however, I was not immune to what Christopher Wells called “old-fashioned anti-papal and/or anti-curial fear-mongering.” (To the degree possible, I have gotten over it.) My second disclaimer is that I am not a theologian, and that by choice. If we can only be saved by correct theology, I reasoned, most of us are doomed, having no sure way to escape our fate. I therefore refused to accept such a gloomy notion and concluded that my efforts were best expended on other matters. By training, I am a computer scientist or, when the occasion demands, a mathematician or logician. My language should be understood with the foregoing in mind.


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