Post on House of Bishops and Deputies E-mail List
by the Rt. Rev. Neff Powell, Bishop of Southwestern Virginia

In the 1973 General Ordination Examinations, there was a question regarding blessing a gay couple. As I recall, the readers evaluated my response and then added something like, “We wish you good luck in finding so understanding a congregation.” It seems to me that this is one of those situations where whichever we vote, folks are going to be upset. If the motion passes to begin writing prayers of blessing or if the new Bishop of NH is approved, we are going to have some angry folks. If the motions fail, we are going to have some hurt and disappointed folks. And, we will not know who many of them are. Just so there are no surprises, I plan to vote in favor of both proposals. I realize that some people of good faith disagree with me on this. I have appreciated reading the back and forth on the emails. This is the Episcopal Church at its best. I am proud that we have continued to discuss, work, and pray on this most thorny matter. I am going to do what I prayerfully believe is the right thing. Keep us all in your prayers, as you are in mine.


(reproduced by permission)