Most of the work done this week was in the chapel. St. Paulís Chapel of the Good Shepherd now has new carpeting and lights, will soon have stackable chairs to replace the old pews, and possesses a focus of attention it hitherto lacked.

That focus is provided by an icon of Christ as the Good Shepherd, the work of Massachusetts artist Charlotte Hallett. The icon is mounted behind the altar and immediately grabs oneís attention upon entering the room. A description of the icon here is no substitute for going to the chapel to see it for oneself, but it may be worthwhile to point out some things to look for.

See the icon close up and from afar; each view has its own joys, though the intense blues and reds, along with the rich gold, are arresting from any vantage point. See up close the three-dimensional halo around Christís head. Notice also, the inscriptions at the edge of the cloak and below Christís feet. The lambs were painted from life, by the way, and the flowers should be recognizable by the horticulturally literally.


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