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May All Your Reinforcements Be Spiral Ones

by Lionel E. Deimel


I was sad to hear your health

Had spiraled down into the pits

Because fabricated plaque

Had started giving your heart fits.


Hip hurray that modern surgeons,

Reinforced with skill to heal,

Can now put to rights our innards

With their shining scalpel steel.


May you soon return to work,

And have a life, with joys, replete.

May recovery not be abstract,

But, in every sense, concrete.



Without some explanation, this poem, written for a get-well card, may seem odd. It was composed to be sent to a client who had recently undergone a triple bypass operation and who was at home recuperating. Tom and his wife run a company out of their home that fabricates, in a nearby shop, spiral steel reinforcements for use in concrete bridge piers. (The more common reinforcements use vertical rebars tied together with circular wires. “Spiral” reinforcements are actual helical.) Anyway, I wanted to tell Tom to get well soon, and I thought I’d get in a few references to his business in the process. Did you catch all five? (Written 4/6/2002.)

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