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I created the logo below in August 2009 as a vehicle for people to show their opposition to an Anglican covenant in a visually arresting way. I hoped that the logo would be used on blogs and other Web sites frequented by Anglicans around the world. I announced the availability of the logo in my post “No Anglican Covenant” of August 6, 2009. I encouraged its use without requiring either a link or attribution, though I appreciate both.

The graphic shows the conventional red circle and diameter used on prohibitionary signs superimposed on a stylized Anglican document. The document, intended to represent a covenant, includes the Anglican Communion compass rose at the upper right and a signature line, indicated by an “X” at the lower left. The document has the approximate dimensions of A4 stationery, as would be appropriate for an agreement originating in the UK. I reduced the words of the logo to the bare minimum.

I immediate installed the No Anglican Covenant logo in the sidebar of my own blog, Lionel Deimel’s Web Log, linking it to the August 6 post. More than a year later, the logo has appeared, either regularly or occasionally, on two dozen or more sites on the World Wide Web. On April 7, 2010, I announced the availability of merchandise branded with the No Anglican Covenant Logo in my post “Welcome to the Store.”

On November 3, 2010, the advent of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition was announced, and its Web site unveiled. The Coalition has adopted the logo as its own.

It is my hope that, as Anglican churches face the prospect of adopting or rejecting the proposed Anglican covenant, more sites will adopt the No Anglican Covenant logo as part of a campaign to prevent the radical transformation of the Anglican Communion into a more rigid, monolithic organization.

Details about the use of the logo appear at the bottom on this page. Note that the white border is not part of the logo.


550x696px JPEG


The image above is a 550x696px 79.7 KB JPEG file. On my blog, I use this 150x190px 15.4 KB JPEG file:

150x190px JPEG

This same size image is available as a 7.39 KB GIF file or an 11.6 KB PNG file. (Visually, these files are virtually indistinguishable.) Below is a 100x127px 4.97 KB GIF file:

100x127px GIF

Additional versions of the logo can be found here on the No Anglican Covenant site. Other size images can be made from this 1527x1930px 472KB JPEG file. (Note that many browsers automatically reduce this image to fit in the browser window. Click on the graphic to see the full-size image.)

Bloggers and Web site owners are free to use the No Anglican Covenant logo on their sites with or without attribution. I suggest that the logo be linked either to my “No Anglican Covenant” post at or to the No Anglican Covenant Web site ( or blog ( In other contexts, the logo should be attributed to Lionel Deimel. It may be freely used in print material opposing an Anglican covenant if the material is distributed without charge.

All uses are subject to the following license:

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