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I provide consulting services primarily to individuals and small businesses. For my clients, Consulting, with computerI am a substitute for an in-house IT department. I provide training, hardware and software installation and service, and acquisition advice, all on an as-needed basis. The fact that I am not a reseller enhances my ability to offer an objective viewpoint. If required, I can recommend providers of other computer services. (Even thirty years of varied experience doesn't qualify someone to do everything!)

I often help clients identify computers, software, or peripherals for purchase. I can also help with the migration of files and applications to a new computer and help with the configuration of the new machine to make it useful as quickly as possible. I do hardware repair, broadband installation, and set up small networks, particularly for the home. I can also give an older machine a tune-up—users frequently assume they can buy a computer and then forget about it—and suggest economical hardware or software upgrades. Clients can call me any time, night or day, in a crisis.

Many of my clients are new to computers or have have learned how to perform only the most basic operations.Consulting These people can benefit from one-on-one (or sometimes -two or -three) instruction in the use of Microsoft Windows or of applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook. In the case of more advanced applications such as Access, I sometimes play the role of a mentor. Whatever the subject of  training, my approach is always to concentrate on understanding the application and the models on which it is based, rather than merely providing a list of how to accomplish various tasks. And, of course, this kind of personal training can proceed at whatever pace is comfortable for the learner.

I design, implement, and maintain custom databases in Microsoft Access. I design templates and other custom Microsoft Office solutions. (Call me for any computer problem, and I will help you find a solution.) This work often provides an opportunity to analyze the operation of a business and to suggest ways that  computers can be used Man with laptop more effectively. I also design Web sites, but I should emphasize that I am more writer than artist. My editorial and user-interface skills are more important to my Web development clients than my artistic skill.

I write documentation and provide other specialized writing and editing services. I've even been known to program a VCR while making a visit to do training and configuration, though this isn't one of my standard services. But then, organizations sometimes make surprising  demands on IT departments.

Finally, I provide training to software development organizations in software engineering techniques and in software process improvement.

I work primarily in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, but I have worked with clients throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. To find out how to contact me, click here.

I maintain a Web site for clients that provides limited advice of general interest, as well as pages for specific clients. Click here to explore the site.

As a convenience to clients who would prefer to pay their bills with a PayPal account or with a credit or debit card, you may click on the button below. When taken to the PayPal site, enter the amount you are paying, and click Update Totals. You may then either log in to PayPal to use your PayPal account, or you can click Continue under Don't have a PayPal account? at the bottom of the page to pay with a credit or debit card.

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