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LD Episcopal Blog Posts

LD Episcopal Blog Posts notifies subscribers of posts relating to The Episcopal Church or the Anglican Communion on Lionel Deimel’s Web Log.

Last Message: A Memorial Day Prayer

A Memorial Day Prayer Memorial Day oratory suggests that all our war dead died for worthy causes. I think that reality is more complicated, and more sober reflection is called for than is usual. A rather conventional prayer posted on Facebook led me to w...


No Anglican Covenant Coalition

This mailing list is used to communicate with people opposed to the Anglican Covenant and who are interested in The Episcopal Church.

Last Message: Contribute to the NACC Effort at the 2012 General Convention

June 23, 2012Dear No Anglican Covenant Coalition Supporter, The General Convention of The Episcopal Church convenes in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 5. Among the items on the agenda is the churchs response to the request to adopt the Anglican Covenant. ...



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